Day 1: Get active

Ritual Gym

Work up a sweat

While you can’t lug dumbbells through transit, it doesn’t mean that exercise is out of the question. Busy travellers hoping to engage in a fuss-free, time-efficient workout can spend the morning at Ritual Gym.

Catered to go-getters with packed schedules, this establishment specialises in high-intensity interval training (HIIT)—prep, work up a sweat, shower and refuel with a complimentary post-workout smoothie, all in just 30 minutes.

Exterior of fort gate at Fort Canning

Fort Canning Park

Explore nature and history

Spend the rest of the morning exploring nature and history, with a quiet walk at Fort Canning Park. Formerly known as the Forbidden Hill, Fort Canning Park houses both verdant greenery and historical insight, making it a great place to relax and unwind.

Singapore’s ancient kings once ruled from this spot, originally known as Bukit Larangan (Forbidden Hill). The location remained a seat of political power during the colonial era, when it was renamed Governors’ Hill, and became the home of Singapore’s Resident Ministers.

Fort Canning Park is also home to various herb and spice plants that are staples in Singaporean cuisine. Visiting food lovers should keep their eyes peeled for nutmeg trees, cardamom plants and wild pepper vines as they stroll through this tranquil space.

Two chefs plating dishes in the kitchen of Labyrinth


Have a locally-sourced lunch

For lunch, chow down on a delicious, locally-sourced meal at Labyrinth. Helmed by chef-owner Han Li Guang, this Michelin-starred restaurant prides itself on creating eco-friendly dishes and culinary marvels, with over 80% of the dishes on its menu made from local produce.

The dishes you’ll get to sample here are ‘modern Singapore’ in nature, with innovative spins on local flavours and staples. The restaurant’s lunch menu includes the heartland waffle (made from locally sourced chicken liver pate) and the oolong tea egg, which is made with quail eggs from a local farm.

Tanglin Mall

Indulge in an eco-friendly shopping spree

Spend the afternoon supporting eco-friendly brands and sustainable fashion boutiques at Tanglin Mall.

If you happen to be looking for an eco-friendly pair of kicks for your child, you should visit Small and hunt for a pair of Veja sneakers: Their modern, minimalistic sneaker designs are made from green materials like wild rubber from the Amazon rainforest and vegetable-tanned leathers (which consume less electricity to produce and use natural extracts).

Those looking for more additions to their wardrobe can pay a visit to Zhai, a boutique that stocks a plethora of fashion essentials for both men and women. The chic fashion choices here are made from natural fibres like bamboo and flax linen, which are biodegradable, carbon neutral and renewable.

Day 2: Attain inner balance
Panoramic view of The Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

Discover nature’s beauty

Discover a garden nestled amidst urban bustle at Gardens by the Bay. This lush nature park spans 101 acres of land, and consists of three gardens that you’ll be able to explore at your leisure.

Undergirding the layout of Gardens by the Bay is a commitment to sustainable design. To experience a visual spectacle fuelled by sustainability, pay a visit to Bay South Gardens—Green waste from the site is used to create fertilizer for seedlings and cuttings, and to generate electricity for its multiple sites and conservatory.

Many of the gardens’ iconic Supertrees are decked out with photovoltaic cells on their canopies to harness solar energy, or to serve as air exhaust receptacles.

To expand your knowledge of flora from all across the globe, we recommend paying a visit to the Flower Dome, which boasts a spectacular display of flowers and plants from five continents, spread out into nine different gardens.

Alternatively, head down to the Heritage Gardens, and learn how nature, culture and history intertwine. The space’s four themed gardens are filled with myriad plants and flowers, each telling a story about Singapore’s past.

Freedom Yoga

Harmonise your mind and body

Spend the late afternoon calming your mind and body at Freedom Yoga. Located at Amoy Street in the vibrant district of Chinatown, this studio will provide you with the perfect oasis to engage in both physical conditioning and mindfulness.

The studio offers a wide range of yoga exercises, from basic foundation classes to soulflow classes which incorporate yoga moves with mellow tunes. Pilot classes for first-timers are available at S$15 and single classes at S$30.

A mainstay item on Artichoke's menu - Hot Skillet Prawns


Dine on an eco-friendly dinner

For dinner, pay a visit to Artichoke, where fusion, fun and eco-friendly dining take precedence over convention. Helmed by irrepressible local chef Bjorn Shen, Artichoke serves up an array of dishes inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine, including hummus dips, fresh salads and comfort foods like squid ink couscous and burnt miso hummus.

A third of the restaurant’s menu consists of dishes made from locally-sourced ingredients, and seasoned with herbs grown on the establishment’s premises.

Wide shot of a performer singing to an audience at Going Om located in Haji Lane

Going Om

Soak in soulful vibes

In the evening, pop by Haji Lane and visit Going Om. As its name suggests, this bar and cafe is inspired by Eastern religious traditions and the spirit of the Himalayas.

Besides an assortment of alcoholic beverages and a line-up of street buskers and acoustic musicians, the bar also offers a quirky mix of spiritually-themed activities, with a range of meditation sessions that will teach you the fundamentals of mindfulness.