By Public Transport

An incoming Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train on the rail track

Singapore’s MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and bus systems have an extensive network of routes that will help you zip around the city.

Most of our popular attractions are just a short walk away from an MRT station, making our trains a great way to get around. 

Our bus routes are also some of the most scenic, allowing you to indulge in the lush greenery and beautiful architecture of our ‘city in a garden’. All public buses are wheelchair accessible and open strollers are allowed. Please approach our friendly bus captains if you need assistance. Do take note that you may be required to fold your stroller if the bus has too many passengers. You can refer to the the SBS TransitSMRTGo-Ahead Singapore, and Tower Transit Singapore websites for more information and guidelines.

Visitors can use the following payment options for their respective MRT or bus journeys:

MRT Bus1

1. Get a Singapore Tourist Pass (STP), a special EZ-Link stored-value card which will allow you unlimited travel for one, two or three days.

The Pass can be bought at the SimplyGo Ticket Office at selected MRT stations listed here.

2. Adult Stored-Value Smartcard (EZ-Link / NETS FlashPay): These cost $10 and come with a stored value of $5 for you to use on your commutes. You’ll be able to purchase these at Passenger Service Centres in train stations, any SimplyGo Ticket Office or convenience stores such as 7-11, Buzz and Cheers.

3. You can use your foreign-issued Mastercard® and Visa contactless bank cards2, as well as your mobile wallets for the payment of public transport fares in Singapore. No registration is required.

2Admin fees apply for foreign-issued bank cards.

4. Children above 0.9m in height and below 7 years old can apply for a Child Concession Card at SimplyGo Ticket Office to travel for free on basic bus and train services.

Children below 0.9m in height accompanied by a fare-paying commuter can automatically travel for free. For more information on Child Concession Cards, please visit SimplyGo website

  5. Travellers may also opt to pay in cash on buses. Please prepare the exact fare as no change will be given.


Click here for information on payment options for public transport.

For more useful information—including traffic news, journey planning and nearby transport services—download the MyTransport app (available for iOS and Android).

1For non-cash payments on buses, remember to tap in and out on the reader located at the front and rear exits of the bus when you board and alight respectively.

By taxi or ride-hailing apps

Cross junction at Chinatown neighbourhood

Taxis are comfortable and especially handy if you want to go to places not accessible by the bus or MRT. Cabs here are metered, but there may be surcharges depending on when, where and which company’s taxi you board.

To get a rough idea of the final fare, check with the driver on the surcharges and ask for a receipt at the end of the trip. You can also check out this website for a quick and easy comparison.

You can hail a taxi by the roadside at most places, or by queuing for one at a taxi stand, which you’ll find at most malls, hotels and attractions.

Alternatively, you may use one of the ride-hailing applications available in Singapore to book a ride from your preferred pick-up point to your desired destination. Some options available include Grab, Gojek, Ryde and TADA.

Taxi Touting & Overcharging

Touting and overcharging is illegal in Singapore. Tourists are advised to book point-to-point trips via licenced ride-hail or street hail operators. Should you encounter incidents of touting, overcharging or drivers refusing to use the taximeter (for taxis that are flagged on the road), you may report them to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) through

By Bicycle

A man with a bicycle on the cycling path

Cycling around our sunny island is a great way to get your dose of Vitamin D and enjoy the green spaces that dot our city.

Singapore boasts a well-connected network of cycling paths, and you can rent shared bicycles from licensed operators.

Feel free to bring your foldable bike onboard our trains and buses, but check if they’re too bulky. You can find guidelines for cycling in Singapore here.

Singapore Visitor Centre

Singapore Visitor Centre opposite Orchard Gateway

If you need assistance or have any queries, drop by one of any of the seven Singapore Visitor Centres.

The visitor centres boast a range of helpful services and information. You’ll be able to plan your itinerary, get tips on must-see attractions, purchase tickets for sightseeing, book accommodation and even pick up a souvenir (or two).

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