The Orange Lantern

Finding Halal food options in Singapore isn’t so difficult anymore. The same can even be said of traditional Vietnamese cuisine that is Halal certified. Introducing, The Orange Lantern—one of Singapore’s first Halal Vietnamese restaurants, await those wanting to experience authentic Vietnamese cuisine the way they do in Vietnam.

Dine in at one of The Orange Lantern’s four outlets at Alexandra, Jurong East, HarbourFront Centre or Killiney Road—the outlet located within a walking distance from popular shopping hub, Orchard Road, making their Killiney Road outlet the perfect spot for those wanting to take a break from shopping with satisfyingly good food. Perfect for lunch, dinner, or any time of the day, you can also enjoy their tasty meals at your convenience by having your food delivered to your hotel room.

Learning of the opportunity to becoming more competitive in the market place, The Orange Lantern converted to a Halal status restaurant about 11 years ago after receiving Halal certification from the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore or MUIS.

Alvin Lee, founder and managing director of The Orange Lantern admits converting the original Orange Lantern to a Halal certified establishment was no easy task. Applying for MUIS Halal certification requires the team to learn and understand the true meaning of Halal and why it is strictly observed among the Muslim community. The application also requires all-round changes to be made to the restaurant and this includes changing of the menu without removing the very essence of The Orange Lantern and their brand of authentic Vietnamese culinary.

Being the restaurant’s founder, Alvin is taking a hands-on approach to ensure a smooth sailing application process and one of the many tasks he was in charged of was curating and creating the restaurant’s new Halal menu. Every pork-based dish is substituted to chicken; and every ingredient is sourced from only Halal certified establishments—everything is done the way MUIS’s strict guideline would approve. Despite all that is required of him and his team, Alvin continues to stay true to The Orange Lantern’s Vietnamese roots. Believing in his role to use The Orange Lantern as a medium to encourage more Singaporeans and tourists of all backgrounds to experience this hearty and delicious cuisine without hesitation.

A Vietnamese Culinary Experience

The Orange Lantern offers a wide-ranging menu consisting of some Vietnamese classics and a few other Asian favourites for you to choose from. Regardless, you shouldn’t miss out on trying their Vietnamese Imperial Rolls—one of The Orange Lantern’s signature appetiser befitting of its name. This is indeed one very royal spring roll in every aspect—presentation, texture, and most importantly, taste. Unlike your usual Vietnamese spring rolls, the Imperial rolls have a very crunchy, golden bird nest-looking skin with minced chicken and carrot filling, served with a sweet and sour dipping—making it one very tasty and addictive appetiser for you to choose from. If not, opt for their well-marinated chicken satay wrapped around lemon grass before being grilled to perfection.

Another signature menu worthy of your time is the classic pho bo (beef noodle) that will remind you of the similar soupy goodness you had in Vietnam—very refreshing! The pho uses thin slices of beef that pairs really well with the rest of the elements—the rice noodle, clear hot soup, sambal, and vegetables. The Orange Lantern’s pho bo could possibly be one of the best pho you’ve ever tasted.

Your Vietnamese culinary experience is incomplete without having a go at Vietnamese coffee. Known around the world for their quality coffee, our choice of Vietnamese iced coffee was perfect for the hot weather. Imagine sweetened dark roast coffee created through the drip filtering process when ground coffee is met with hot water, and adding ice cubes makes this a coffee lover’s dream heaven. Try it once, and you’ll be asking for your next cup!

At The Orange Lantern, only fresh ingredients are used to ensure the quality of the food served. As the food and drinks are Halal, rest assured that everything will be prepared according to the guidelines. Perfect for big groups, enjoy this Vietnamese fare with friends and family.