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Central Business District (CBD) running trail

Duration: Approximately 50 minutes
Distance: 3.9 kilometres
Difficulty level: Easy (Flat terrain)

The golden hour washing over the city’s CBD is a sight to behold. Skyscrapers glimmer and Marina Bay glistens—it all makes for a postcard-perfect backdrop for your evening run. The area’s proximity to attractions, restaurants and heritage monuments also means there’s plenty to do and see after this easy 3.9-kilometre route.

All venues are around Raffles Place, Bayfront, and Downtown MRT Stations.
All venues are around Raffles Place, Bayfront, and Downtown MRT Stations.
Merlion Park
Wide shot of Merlion at Merlion Park with Marina Bay Sands<sup>®</sup> in background

To begin the trail, take the exit from Raffles Place Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station towards One Fullerton, where you will arrive at 1 Merlion Park. As you warm up, take the opportunity to grab a quick pre-run snap with the city’s national mascot, the Merlion. Standing 8.6 metres tall, the majestic creature features a lion’s head on a fish’s body, and proudly spouts water out of its mouth and into Marina Bay. Here’s a fun photo tip: angle yourself beneath the statue with your mouth wide open and pretend to drink the water that’s spraying out of the Merlion. 

The park also features a smaller, two-metre tall Merlion cub that’s located not too far away from the larger statue. 

The Fullerton Heritage
Wide shot of illuminated building of The Fullerton Hotel at night

Now, head south and pick up the pace as you race along 2 The Fullerton Heritage precinct. Once a port for trading ships, the stretch is now home to a mix of sleek modern architecture and colonial-era façades. The strip teems with trendy al fresco dining options, including OverEasy Bar and Diner and Yamazaki Japanese Restaurant, wedged next to historical landmarks such as The Fullerton Hotel, The Clifford Pier and Customs House

You can snatch a glimpse of Singapore’s history as a port city as you tear past the buildings. Look out for The Clifford Pier on your right. Formerly a disembarkation point for visitors and immigrants, the structure has been refurbished into a swanky fine dining restaurant of the same name, and is part of The Fullerton Bay Hotel. Its original structure has been conserved, as have the iconic red oil lamps that hang at the jetty, once used to guide sailors to shore.

Marina Bay Sands®
Singapore skyline at sunset

As you reach the end of the heritage belt, turn towards Marina Boulevard, where you will approach the colossal towers of 3 Marina Bay Sands®. The luxury shopping and hospitality complex faces the city’s spectacular skyline, which features The Fullerton Heritage and the CBD. Soak in the jaw-dropping view as you speed down the promenade, catching the sun as it dips behind the skyscrapers. 

Continue along the path parallel to the water until you arrive at an open-air event plaza. Here, take a quick breather in between your sprints and inch towards the Rain Oculus, a massive rainwater collector that sits at the centre of the plaza. Every hour, witness the structure pump gallons of water to form a whirlpool that cascades down into the mall—grab a video of the spectacle while you’re there.

The ArtScience Museum™ perches at the far end of the stretch. Known for its distinct lotus-inspired exterior—although some might say it represents fingers—the gallery hosts various exhibitions and a permanent showcase that fuses design and technology. Run past the museum and you’ll get a peek of the Helix Bridge’s complex spiralling architecture.

Gardens by the Bay
Wide shot of Supertree Grove at night

Next, cut through the underpass that connects Marina Bay to 4 Gardens by the Bay. Tucked away from the bustle of the city, the nature park houses an exhaustive collection of native and international flora, including star fruit and cocoa trees. Along the journey, whizz past lakes and giant conservatories—the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest—before entering the Supertree Grove. Featuring dozens of tree-like canopy structures that soar at least 22 metres high, the garden comes to life at night as the ‘trees’ light up in hues of green and blue.

Marina Barrage
Wide shot of Marina Barrage with Marina Bay Sands<sup>®</sup> and Singapore flyer in background

Make that last dash count as you move on to the final stop of the route: 5 Marina Barrage. Built as a measure for flood control, the venue is also an ideal recreational area for families and friends. Water sports enthusiasts and picnickers regularly frequent the spot during the day to kayak or fly kites. There’s also Barrage Cove, a kite and convenience store, which sells fun outdoor products such as crafted kites, frisbees and three-wheeled scooters for kids. 

Cap off your evening run by lounging on Marina Barrage’s green roof, where you can enjoy the night breeze and try to spot a few stars. While you are there, you will also be able to see the Singapore Flyer illuminated in the distance. 

If your stomach is already rumbling, follow the smell of a barbeque to Satay by the Bay, a waterfront hawker centre that sits next to the Marina Barrage. It serves up local delights such as Hokkien mee (fried prawn noodles) and, of course, satay (grilled meat skewers).


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