Besides being an electrifying sporting event, the Singapore Grand Prix is a gateway into new, multisensory adventures.

What better way to celebrate the Singapore F1 weekend, than by exploring Singapore on a grand adventure with a twist? Part of a TikTok video series with Aussie comedy trio @Swag.On.The.Beat, we invite you to experience Singapore with three unexpected locals who would know it best–three gran(dmother)s.

In this third and final part, discover Singapore's rich food culture with Gran Helen, as you explore the sights, sounds and tastes of the Lion City. Join the gregarious home cook on her 'Gran' Prix Singapore Style as she brings you on a tour of our island's east side, for a day filled with tantalising flavours.

7am: East Coast Park

The secret to being happy and well while maturing gracefully is to set aside time to spend with family and friends, indulge in good food, exercise and sometimes combining it all together!

As such, I like beginning my mornings with a stroll at East Coast Park. One of Singapore's largest parks, this idyllic spot is a popular hangout for families and friends. I practice qigong (a traditional Chinese form of meditative exercise) in my free time, and often run into friends and fellow practitioners here.

You can cycle along the coast while enjoying the fresh sea breeze, bring along a picnic mat to lounge on the beach or even have a barbeque with friends and family.

If you visit in the evening, be sure to take a walk to Bedok Jetty—it's a great place to people watch as you’ll find anglers and amateur fishermen looking to reel up a catch!

9am: Marine Terrace Wet Market

I conduct home cooking classes and host dinners in my free time, and one of my regular spots to get fresh produce is Marine Terrace Wet Market. 

Besides the fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat that you'd expect, you'll also find stores selling ingredients like fish balls, curry paste and quail eggs. I recommend buying fresh tropical fruit like mangosteen and rambutan to enjoy from the comfort of your accommodation. If you’re game, try the durian (known as the 'king of fruits' by locals)!

1pm: Marine Parade Hawker Centre

One of the best ways to experience our city's food culture on a plate is by sampling our local hawker dishes. The Marine Parade Hawker Centre is one of my favourite lunch spots, with delicious dishes cooked by our passionate local hawkers.

There are countless options to pick from, but I suggest trying the noodles from Ah Zheng Ban Mian Sliced Fish Soup, char kway teow (stir fried flat rice noodles) from Apollo Fresh Cockle Fried Kway Teow, or wanton mee from Soon Soon Soon Wanton Noodles.

4pm: Kway Guan Huat

If you’d like to learn more about Singapore food culture, I'd suggest rolling up your sleeves and learning how to prepare some of our local delicacies. 

Kway Guan Huat has been making popiah (traditional spring roll with vegetables and assorted fillings) for decades, and their 45-minute tour combines food, fun and a dash of history that’s bound to be an enchanting experience. 

You'll get to learn the history behind this traditional dish, watch how its delicate skin is made and even get a hands-on experience by learning how to whirl the dough and wrap your very own version of the dish. 

6pm: One Kind House

For dinner, I'd like to invite you to my home, to be my guest at One Kind House.

Before Singapore became a city of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, many of us used to live in kampongs (traditional villages), and my family and I like to keep that spirit alive with our community at One Kind House.

There's a whole history behind the house that I'll be happy to share with you before dinner, which includes family recipes for dishes like roast chicken, steamed fish, assam prawns and blue-pea flower rice.

8pm: Yong He Eating House

I recommend rounding off your adventure in Singapore on a sweet note, with a visit to Yong He Eating House. Located in the colourful district of Geylang, this old-school eatery serves up a range of sweet and savoury snacks, and is a popular spot for supper or a light meal. 

I love the authentic ambience here, and the silky tau hway (sweet tofu pudding) goes well with one or two sticks of crispy you tiao (deep-fried, lightly salted dough strips).

Gran's Gift to bring Home—Bengawan Solo

As a home cook and foodie, I love buying home snacks and tasty treats when I travel. I recommend dropping by Bengawan Solo at Parkway Parade after lunch to peruse their selection of toothsome cakes. 

Their Pandan Chiffon cake is a must-try—I recommend getting two, so that you can enjoy one yourself and bring the other home to your loved ones.