The beautiful Labrador Nature Reserve is the only place in Singapore where you can find a blue-crowned hanging parrot in its natural habitat.

Want to see local wildlife in their natural habitat, which is also the site of a genuine World War II fort? That's just the kind of unique experience you're up for when you visit the Labrador Nature Reserve, home to 70 kinds of birds, 11 species of butterflies as well as numerous tree species.

This nature reserve in Singapore is also home to a genuine World War II fort.

It’s a rich forest of biodiversity that also happened to play a part in Singapore’s military history. Here you'll discover genuine relics, like a World War II fort and a series of secret tunnels beneath the reserve (currently closed for maintenance), built in the late 1880s by the British Military to support the operations of the guns above the ground.

For health fanatics, fitness stations and a jogging track that goes around the reserve also offer a scenic route.

Labrador Nature Reserve is one of the parks connected via a 9km stretch of inter-connected open spaces known as the Southern Ridges, which spans other green areas such as Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, and Kent Ridge Park.