A Visit to Olivye Café. Gelato

Serving up Halal certified Western dishes, Olivye Café. Gelato’s menu offers the usual white meat, fish, steak, and pasta dishes that you would find in other Western places. What makes them stand out, however, is the affordability of their food.

At S$16.90 for a plate of their Ribeye Steak, this is also the most expensive dish that you would find here. Their medium-rare version of the steak is beautifully done, retaining just the right amount of juiciness and chewiness. Served with flavourful gravy and a side of roasted potatoes (a healthier alternative to fries) and salad, every bite of this meal is a delightful one.

Fish lovers should give their Black Pepper Grilled Basa Fish a try! Enjoy the enhanced flavours of the soft, flaky fish flesh thanks to the black pepper sauce. However, if you’re not a fan of spicy food, you can try their Grilled Basa Fish with Herbs instead. The herbs soak deep into the fish, resulting in an extremely tasty dish. The best part? Both these fish dishes cost less than S$10!

If you’re up for a side or a starter, you can consider their Garlic Bread. Served with a bowl of mushroom soup, the soft and moist bread makes the garlic butter taste stand out even more, and the texture is a nice change from the usual hard garlic bread. Dipping it into the soup further intensifies the oomph of this dish.

But the real highlight of this eatery is definitely its freshly made gelato selection. With over 12 flavours available, they have, arguably, the best Halal gelato in the Lion City—or at least, in the East Coast of Singapore.

For fans of durians, you cannot miss out on the durian gelato. The delicious and cool creamy dessert tastes exactly like the fruit, and since they do use the actual fruit to create it, you may come across bits of real durian in your gelato. How heavenly!

It’s no secret that cempedak-flavoured desserts are gaining a form of popularity, and here, you’ll find that the cempedak gelato is one of their best sellers, especially among the Muslim customers. It’s actually a bit of an acquired taste as you’ll notice a mixed palate whil savouring the dessert—the first fruity taste is immediately followed by a slightly bitter aftertaste. However, their cempedak gelato is seasonal, as they use real fruits to make their heavenly creations.

The cotton candy gelato flavour is popular among children, without much surprise. The bright blue colour is extremely attractive and the sweet, milky taste of gelato is actually a lot more full-bodied and rich than what you would expect from something modeled after cotton candy.

For something a little more sinful but a little less fruity, ask for the peanut butter sorbet. Simultaneously sweet and salty, you’ll relish every mouthful of this sinful treat. The macadamia gelato is also a great choice. It’s not too nutty and features a lovely, smooth finish. If you’re after a refreshing dessert choice, give their lemon sorbet gelato a try. The tangy flavour will wake your taste buds, and the rest of your body right up!

So, if you ever happen to be in the East side of Singapore, remember that this is where you come for a meal and stay for dessert!