Renowned chef-owner of the long-standing 2am:dessertbar shares that there’s no place like her Holland Village home.

A street along Holland Village.

There’s so much to see and do here in Holland Village; there are Indian, Chinese, Japanese restaurants, spa establishments, bakeries, bars—it’s a very unique neighbourhood and that’s what I love about Holland Village.

Most people only visit the ground level shops in Holland Village. Many aren’t aware that there are more shops on the second floors of these buildings! For example, if you walk up the flight of stairs beside El Patio Mexican Restaurant & Wine Bar (34 Lorong Mambong), you’ll find a spot where you can do your eyebrows (Rupinis, 34A Lorong Mambong) and get pizza (Crust, 34B Lorong Mambong).

I like to go to Holland Village Market & Food Centre (1 Lorong Mambong) for local dishes like minced pork mee pok (flat yellow egg noodles). Over at Chip Bee Gardens, there’s Original Sin (43 Jalan Merah Saga #01-62), a vegetarian Mediterranean restaurant that I love—it’s been around for ages.

Mid shot of Janice Wong.

For a dessert with local flavour, pop by 2am:dessertbar for Shades of Green, which consists of a pistachio sponge, topped with coco mousse, and pandan gula melaka (palm sugar) custard. As emphasised in its marquee, this confectionery is open till 2am.

Food and drink aside, you have to come here for a spa treatment. There’s Qi Mantra (18A Lorong Mambong), My Happy Feet (21A Lorong Mambong)... for a small enclave like Holland Village, there are about five or six choices, which is pretty amazing!

If you’re spending a day in Holland Village, start with a dim sum ( bite-sized portions of food served in steamer baskets or small plates ) breakfast at Crystal Jade Kitchen (2 Lorong Mambong). For dinner, pick one of the many ramen (Japanese soup noodles) outlets for Japanese fare. Then, hit up Wala Wala Café Bar (31 Lorong Mambong) for great live music and post-dinner drinks.