Tiong Bahru

Wood in the Books
1 Woods in the Books

Human visitors like staring at the buildings (they say it’s ‘Streamline Moderne’-inspired) and sitting at the cafes here. Cats like Didi however, prefer napping at the neighbourhood’s open spaces; its human residents do give excellent tummy rubs too. While there’s no bookstore cat here, Didi is told that it’s a place with picture books for humans of all ages.

Tiong Bahru Market
2 Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre

The smells of fresh fish and other tummy-rumbling scents of food here attract humans and the occasional feline visitor. 

Cat on piano
3 Curated Records

Piano-playing kitty Didi is friends with humans who love music; they visit stores like this to buy vinyl records 

Toa Payoh

Dragon Playground
1 Toa Payoh Dragon Playground

This old neighbourhood has everything humans and cats like Smokey love about the heartlands in Singapore — lots of food options, comfy homes and parks. Humans love this old playground, which has a dragon-shaped slide that Smokey is often lounging next to.

Indoor cat
2 Creamier

Unlike cats who love warm afternoons, most humans enjoy cooling down at cafes like Creamier, which offers handmade ice-cream.

Shuang Lin Temple
3 Lian Shan Shuang Lin Temple

Smokey was told that this large and famous Buddhist temple was more than a century old. In feline terms, Smokey would need more than nine lives to reach that age!

Marina Bay

Gardens By The Bay
1 Gardens by the Bay

The waterfront destination for cool cats, along with stylish humans - where locals and visitors alike flock to see and be seen.

Bella the ginger cat loves exploring this futuristic park, which is filled with statuesque ‘Supertrees’ and lush lakeside views. 

Marina Bay Sands
2 Marina Bay Sands

From upscale shopping to the suite life at the hotel, get to lapse into luxury at this splendent integrated resort; it’s the hangout of choice for fancy felines like Froo Froo. 


Thian Hock Keng Temple
1 Thian Hock Keng Temple

Step back to old Singapore with the wisely-whiskered Lucky. The streets here are lined with beautiful old shophouses and temples. Lucky the cat purrs sagely that it’s worth the 10-minute walk from Chinatown station; here you’ll find ornate carvings of dragons and phoenixes at the oldest Chinese temple in Singapore.

Sri Mariamman Temple
2 Sri Mariamman Temple

Lucky also purrs to agree that the oldest Hindu temple in the city is a must-visit. Its entrance boasts a magnificently intricate tower that humans must see with their very own eyes.

Bras Basah Bugis

National Museum
1 National Museum of Singapore

Humans flock to this colourful area for museums and some shopping. A tip for fans of felines: there are a few cafes here where humans can meet more cats to play with. Learn about the history of this city at the first museum of Singapore. While felines aren’t allowed inside, curious cats can be seen at outdoor movie screenings held occasionally at the museum’s garden.

Cat Cafe
2 The Cat Cafe

This is one of the cafes where humans get up-close with some of Didi’s feline friends. This place also serves drinks and pastries to human visitors.