YPO Being Human 2.0: The Futurist Edition

YPO Being Human 2.0: The Futurist Edition

25 May 2023 - 27 May 2023

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Event overview

Be Informed. Be Inspired. Be Engaged. Join us at Being Human 2.0, as we take you on a trip on what we think it means to be human in a post pandemic world.

Be informed by the people who are creating the pivot and inflexion points that are shaping a planet that is grappling with new and nuanced questions that demands a new level of thinking and modes of interaction.

Be inspired from epic life-experiences and insights that underline the beauty of the human condition and inspire a different set of possibilities.

Be engaged with like-minded peers to leverage the challenges and opportunities ahead through shared-learning and socials that help establish and build lifetime connections.