You’re here with a group of friends, ready to take on the city. Beyond indulging in gastronomic delights and getting your fill of local culture, team up with your buddies to conquer the go-kart racetrack, your Halloween fears and even one another in a not-so-friendly round of paintball. Here are seven activities that are ideal for large groups—because as they say, there’s strength in numbers.

Racers swerving down The Karting Arena’s track. Racers swerving down The Karting Arena’s track.

Red Dynasty Paintball Park
Man playing paintball at Red Dynasty Paintball Park

Engage in friendly, or not-so-friendly, fire

Be part of a crack team of soldiers as you battle it out in teams across a sprawling war zone—thankfully, the bullets that fire from your weapons only splatter paint, not blood. Red Dynasty Paintball Park has two branches in Singapore, each with different zones. The grounds at Yishun mimic a besieged city, with life-sized tanks, snipers’ watch towers, civilian houses and even amenities. Your mission: to either protect or pillage the city, depending on the side you’re on.

If you prefer a more traditional player-versus-player format, check out the Turf City outlet—it’s the largest paintball park in Singapore, and has four fields on which obstacles such as sandbags and barrels are strewn. For those who fancy themselves a marksman, Turf City’s shooting gallery will have you competing against one another to hit the most targets. You’ll need to book a package in advance.

The Cage Sports Park. 220 Turf Club Road, Singapore 288001. +65 6695 4782.

ORTO. 81 Lorong Chencharu #01-14, Singapore 769198. +65 6659 4782.

Exit Plan

For aspiring detectives

Your squad will need to put your brains together if you plan on winning this game, where the only objective is to escape a locked room. Sounds simple, but in reality, not quite. Teamwork, communication and the sharp wit of Sherlock Holmes are key to solving the puzzles that lead to the exit door before your time runs out.

Exit Plan offers ‘first-person reality’ Escape Rooms, which put you in the shoes of the game’s characters. There are several rooms to conquer: one features a facility about to blow up in flames, while another takes a sci-fi route with space invaders and galaxy defenders. You can even be a paranormal investigator while you’re trapped in an attic haunted by a child—that’s one room you’d want to leave ASAP. It’s best to make an appointment for your preferred room well in advance.

Exit Plan. 279 New Bridge Road #03-01 Singapore 088752. +65 6536 4261.
Mon-Thu & Sun noon-10pm, Fri & Sat noon-11pm.

The Karting Arena
4 friends racing on The Karting Arena electric go-kart track

Clock the fastest lap times

Step into the shoes of a race car driver while you burn rubber on the tarmac at The Karting Arena, which houses the city’s first electric go-kart track. Pick the Grand Prix group racing package if you’re in a group of eight. It’s modelled after the actual sport, so you can live out your Lewis Hamilton fantasies as you race against your friends in three rounds: warm-up, qualifying and the race itself. The karts can reach speeds of up to 50km/h, but if you prefer to keep your lunch down, opt for the fun karting sessions—it’s non-competitive, and even kids aged nine and above can put the pedal to the metal. While The Karting Arena allows walk-ins, the Grand Prix session requires an advance booking.

The Grandstand. 200 Turf Club Road #01-01B, Singapore 287994. +65 9627 6771.
Tue-Sun 10am-10pm.

Halloween Horror Nights™
Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore

Scare your pants off

At the Halloween Horror Nights™, ghouls and ghosts reign supreme at Universal Studios Singapore™. Nowhere else does the mantra ‘safety in numbers’ ring truer—haunted houses, roving monsters and live stage performances make this annual screamfest a treat (or trick) for pals looking for after-dark activities outside of the bars. Even the young ones can get in on the Halloween fun, although the theme park advises that those under 13 might be overwhelmed by all the spooks and scares.

This year, Halloween Horror Nights™ is putting together a ‘zombiefied’ laser tag game that uses brainwave technology. One team member straps on a headband that detects concentration levels in order to unlock clues, while others are tasked with destroying the zombies that roam the theme park.

Universal Studios Singapore™. 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269. +65 6577 8888.

ZOVB Singapore

Futsal and body slams

Perhaps your idea of fun is careening downhill while you’re safely ensconced within a giant, transparent rubber orb. ZOVB Singapore offers that hair-raising ride, but try out ‘Bubble Soccer’ if you have a group of eight or more. It’s futsal with one big difference: You’ll have to strap on a rubber ball over your head and torso while you play. The padded balls mean you can bulldoze your way through your opponents, sending them flying through the air and bouncing safely back down. While ZOVB Singapore doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar outlet, the folks there can arrange to hold the games in Kovan Sports Centre, The Cage @ Kallang or Golazo Futsal—so you’ll need to book your slot in advance.

ZOVB Singapore. Various venues. +65 6779 1031.

Ninja Tag Singapore
Men carrying laser tag swords at Ninja Tag Singapore

Laser tag with swords

If you’ve always wanted to challenge your friend to an old-fashioned knife-on-knife duel, here’s your chance. Ninja Tag Singapore lets you be the stealthy warrior for a day, as you strike and slice your opponents with foam daggers. Each ninja will have to don a body plate that’s equipped with activation pads that can sense when you’re hit. And while you can go all-out and use the experience as an excuse to let off some pent-up steam, there are several game formats that require teamwork, strategy and a whole lot of cunning. You’ll need to reserve a slot in advance.

Ninja Tag Singapore. Various venues. +65 6515 4146.