With an Internet penetration of 92% in 2022 and multiple options to get online, finding a way to connect in Singapore is bound to be a breeze. Portable WiFi options are available the moment you touch down in Singapore, and access to the Internet is never more than a few clicks away.

From public hotspots to prepaid data plans, here are some ways to access the Internet.

Prepaid SIM card

If you wish to continue making calls and sending messages on your mobile phone, purchase a Singapore prepaid SIM card. Veteran local telcos—like M1Singtel and Starhub—offer a wide variety of packages and travel sim cards, so take a little time to decide which plan best suits your needs.

You can choose from bundles that cover local and international calls, SMSes and varying amounts of local mobile data. Durations typically range from five to 30 or more days.

Prepaid SIM cards are easily purchased at the telcos’ retail counters and islandwide convenience stores like 7-Eleven and Cheers, as well as at Singapore Changi Airport’s Changi Recommends booths and telco retail counters.

You will have to produce your passport for registration when purchasing a prepaid SIM card.

Royal Plaza’s free mobile WiFi device

Pocket Wi-Fi

You can also choose to connect to the Internet from multiple devices with a pocket WiFi device.

This mobile hotspot provides islandwide data access for your laptop, tablet and/or smartphone. This is recommended if you carry a few devices, desire WiFi connectivity and do not intend to make many phone calls.

Pocket WiFi devices are available for rental at the Changi Recommends counters at Singapore Changi Airport, and you can conveniently drop off the devices at the Changi Recommends counters just before your return flight.

Alternatively, there are other pocket WiFi rental companies available in Singapore. If you prefer to search and pre-register online, these companies—like Y5Buddy and Rentafi—often offer affordable courier services for both delivery and return of these devices.

Façade shot of the National Gallery of Singapore

Free Public Wi-Fi

WiFi hotspots are also widely available at various public areas and businesses across the island. Here are some options.

This is a free public Wi-Fi service right across Singapore. You’ll find hotspots in malls, museums, MRT stations, public libraries and more.

Simply download the Wireless@SGx App, configure your mobile device and you’ll be automatically connected through your stay. The App not only shows you where Wi-Fi hotspots are, but also includes a speed test, diagnostics and feedback. Set-up guidelines can be found here.

Changi Airport
Free WiFi service is available in the public and transit areas of Changi Airport with #WiFi@Changi. Find out more here.

Shopping Malls
Free WiFi service is offered at some shopping malls, restaurants and cafes in Singapore.

This service is usually displayed prominently for customers but do feel free to enquire directly at the malls’ information counters for WiFi access.

5G Networks

Singapore has become one of the first countries in the world to be covered by standalone 5G, with over 95% standalone 5G network coverage. If you’re a traveller in Singapore, you can gain access to increased download speeds with 5G prepaid sim cards, such as the Hi!Tourist 5G Sim Cards from Singtel.

The provision of 2G network services have not been available in Singapore since 2017. As such, visitors are advised to bring along a 3G or 4G enabled mobile device when visiting Singapore.

If your existing operator does not support 3G or 4G roaming, be sure to purchase a prepaid SIM card on arrival so you can be instantly connected..