People taking photos near 'Here is SG' mark

Know Before You Go

  • A Design Made With Passion

    More than just an island of adventure and activities, our nation comprises a host of passionate individuals from all walks of life who inspire, innovate and turn tomorrow’s possibilities into reality. In the same spirit, Here is SG is a collaboration between experts from diverse fields, embodying the sculpture’s creative concept, ‘Where It All Comes Together’. 

  • A Striking Spot For A Photo

    View the sculpture from different angles to unveil a different perspective of the Here is SG mark. While you can certainly snap some picture-worthy shots in the day, we recommend visiting after dark to capture the bright city lights of Singapore's skyline.

  • Sustainability in Mind

    Here is SG embodies Singapore’s commitment to a more sustainable future, designed with a small carbon footprint. The sculpture’s lush, wooden facade is made from 100% reconstituted timber— harvested from all parts of the tree to minimise wastage—while the native Pilea plants that adorn it absorb carbon from the air. At night, and you’ll find it illuminated by solar energy-efficient LED lights.