Visitors Exploring Rich Culture Heritage in Eurasian heritage

Why You Need To Visit

  • A Historical Journey

    This charming building houses three distinct galleries that trace the rich heritage of Singapore's Eurasian community. The Eurasian community is one of Singapore’s smallest, but also one of its earliest. Known for their hybrid traditions of East and West, their Asian and European origins can be traced to some of the region’s oldest colonial settlements, such as Malacca, Penang, Goa, Macau and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).

  • Sample Eurasian Culture On A Plate

    Quentin's Eurasian Restaurant on the ground floor serves up authentic Eurasian food. Try the super-spicy Devil’s Curry or the traditional sugee cake, a nutty cake made from semolina and almonds.

  • Learn about Prominent Personalities

    Learn more about the notable individuals from the community, from Olympic gold medallist Joseph Schooling to pioneering politicians like Benjamin Sheares.