Hindu Women Praying Traditionally in Mariamman Temple

Why You Need To Visit

  • Feast Your Eyes

    From the ornate exterior adorned with carvings of Hindu deities, to the exquisite ceiling paintings in its main hall, its majestic grand tower entrance features five tiers of sculptures of deities and mythological figures. Sri Mariamman Temple is a beautiful spot for a photo and is a landmark for generations of Hindu worshippers and Singaporeans alike. 

  • Immerse in Local Festivities

    More than just a historical landmark, the temple is a bustling place of worship, with sacred festivals like the firewalking festival, Theemithi, held annually. 

  • Experience Vibrant Hindu Traditions

    With shrines dedicated to gods and heroes from Hinduism, this place of worship is a great place to learn about the religion's rich traditions.