Updated as of 29 Apr 2022 


1. On 22 April 2022, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) announced it would adjust the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) from Orange to Yellow from 26 April 2022. In line with this, the Singapore Tourism Board (“STB”) has updated the SMMs applicable to MICE events.

2. The information in this circular (which includes its annexes) supersedes that in previous advisories or statements.

From 26 April 2022:

• MICE events with > 500 participants: Event Organisers and Event Venues (collectively, EOs) must ensure all participants are fully vaccinated1. Vaccinated-differentiated SMMs (VDS) are not required for MICE events ≤ 500 participants.

• No group size limit.

• No event capacity limit.

From 30 April 2022:

• Self-served buffets are allowed.

3. MICE events refer to business-oriented events such as meetings, incentive travel, conferences and exhibitions arranged or held in the course of business2.

4. The total capacity at any point in time will include all participants of the event, including exhibitors, media attending the event, speakers, participants’ liaison officers, etc. EO staff and external service providers who are present at the event venue are included.

5. Please refer to Annex A below for the checklist on Safe Management Measures for MICE events held from 26 April 2022. The SMMs must span a participant’s entire journey, at least 60 minutes before, during and at least 60 minutes after the MICE even.


6. STB will conduct enforcement checks to ensure compliance with SMMs. Enforcement action will be taken against the Event Organisers and Event Venues (collectively, EOs) who fail to comply with the necessary SMMs.

7. Under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020, first-time offenders will face a fine of up to $10,000, imprisonment of up to six months, or both. Repeat offenders will face a fine of up to $20,000, imprisonment of up to twelve months, or both. Businesses that are not compliant may be ordered to cease business activities or close altogether. Under the Infectious Diseases (COVID-19 Access Restrictions and Clearance) Regulations 2021, businesses that fail to comply with requirements thereunder will face a fine not exceeding $10,000 and participants that fail to comply will face a fine not exceeding $5,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or to both. Businesses that are not compliant may also be ineligible for government grants, loans, tax rebates and other assistance.

8. For any enquiries, please contact



2 (a) to discuss or negotiate matters relating to trade, commerce or finance, professional practice or matters, health, arts, science, technology, industry, economics, industrial relations, security, international affairs, the environment or any other cause or matter, whether or not of a similar kind; (b) to temporarily exhibit or display goods of any kind for the purposes of sale or supply; or (c) to promote the trading of goods or the provision of services. Events held for incentive travel follow the same rules as other MICE events.