1. Great ideas, insights and information

Whether you’re looking for hotel accommodation, offsite event venues, special event concepts, dining places or even delegate gifts, you need a good DMC with ‘the right stuff’ to offer suitable options and deliver on your brief, no matter how simple or how complicated the requirements may be.

Further, a good DMC always seeks to understand your needs and stands ready to bridge any information gaps you may have by sharing useful insights and relevant local information (such as important cultural dos and don'ts, weather forecast, out-of-the-norm situational updates, ‘insider tips’ and the little things that may sometimes make a big difference in your research and planning journey.

2. Strong contacts with local suppliers and vendors

An established and reputable DMC often may not be the cheapest DMC in town. However, an established DMC enjoys good partnerships with local suppliers and vendors, who are ready to support the DMC with good rates, better attention and effective response times – factors that all add up.

3. Excellent support on site inspections

Following the programme proposal, you need good and effective support from your DMC on the ground when you make it to the destination for a site visit. This is especially so when you may find yourself needing to reconsider some of the options that may turn out to be unsuitable during your actual site inspection. Mindful of the limited time of your site inspection stay, a good DMC should be able to react quickly and provide you with other suitable alternatives before the end of your site visit.

4. Sound operations

After months of planning and preparation work, the programme finally takes place at the chosen destination. A good DMC completes the whole picture by providing you with a sound and reliable operations team – from the airport transfers right down to the various ground components of your programme. This entails smooth and efficient handling of any and all situations. Experience is everything in ensuring that no stone is left unturned both before and during the delivery of your programme. In this regard, the DMC’s portfolio of past programmes operated and business track record can provide you with a useful gauge on the company’s abilities.

5. Solid understanding of market interests and customer expectations

A good DMC worth its salt is conversant with the ins and outs of the markets it is dealing in. Such knowledge and ‘market feel’ do not come about overnight but are built through years of collective corporate experience. A good DMC understands how the various overseas markets work, and their cross-cultural and business expectations.

This strong understanding in turn enables its people to interact synergistically and effectively with their customers, whether they be the direct intermediary clients, the corporate end-user clients or the final programme delegates themselves. It is also this strong understanding that will allow the DMC to succeed with its clients and ultimately stand out when it comes to programme proposals, site inspection proceedings and final programme delivery.