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You know you are witnessing the lead-up to the country’s National Day when the island starts turning a particular shade of red and white—largely from the flags fluttering from buildings, houses and even cars.

The little country that could
Singapore's National Day Parade narrates how the city achieved independence amid severe doubt it could survive at all.

Photo by Andrew Tan

The Singapore story is well known—how it achieved independence in 1965 amid severe doubt it could survive at all with its tiny size and severe lack of natural resources.

Yet the island succeeded against the odds, deftly navigating its way through stormy waters of domestic turmoil, regional strife and international politics.

It made use of every single advantage it had, emerging on the world stage as a major commercial hub, financial centre and global player—in short, the little country that could.

A parade that truly dazzles
Join the electric atmosphere of Singapore's National Day by celebrating it with her people.

Photo by Choo Yut Shing

And in this way, the national narrative has been shaped over the years, a narrative that is retold in varying ways every year during the National Day Parade.

Audience members sit back to enjoy a stunning spectacle of military parades, multicultural song-and-dance performances and aerial high jinks capped by a breathtaking firework extravaganza set against the stunning cityscape framed by the Marina Waterfront.

To celebrate the nation’s 50th birthday, 2015’s parade was held at the Padang where the first parade was held in 1966.

With the lush displays, rousing songs and pulsating energy creating such an electric atmosphere, why, you’d almost think that you were Singaporean. 

What's Unique

It’s in the bag

Spectators at the show also get a ‘funpack’—the National Day Parade version of a goodie bag. Large, lightweight and water-resistant, the design varies every year but will invariably be stuffed with all sorts of things, from snacks and drinks to bandannas and lightsticks. In recent years, the contents of these funpacks have been made as practical as possible, so that they can be used long after the party is over.


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