Singapore Bicentennial 2019

Singapore and the United Kingdom share a rich, deeply intertwined history. Sir Stamford Raffles’ landing in Singapore in 1819 was a key turning point in the country’s history, transforming our nation from a small fishing village into the thriving metropolis she is today.

This year, Singapore looks back on its historical connection with the United Kingdom, with the Singapore Bicentennial delving into our city’s rich 700-year past, and the founding of modern Singapore 200 years ago.

To commemorate the Singapore Bicentennial, the event, “Singapore: Where Explorers Meet”, will feature three days of multisensory experiences, and a showcase of our island’s top artists, chefs and bartenders. Discover Singapore’s past, present and future, and be captivated by the many facets of the Lion City.

Singapore: Where Explorers Meet

Taking place at Finsbury Avenue Square, London from 13th to 15th June, “Singapore: Where Explorers Meet” showcases the evolution of Singapore through its heritage, culture and creatives, and promises to be a feast for all senses.

Set in a garden that fuses nature with technology, the event is bound to enchant visitors of all stripes, whether they’re intrepid explorers, avid socialisers or gourmands with a taste for culinary experiences.

Malcolm Lee garnishes a dish in Candlenut’s kitchen

Chef Malcolm Lee of Candlenut

Feasts and unforgettable flavours

Known as one of the world’s leading food capitals, Singapore is famous for its diverse cuisine—a constantly evolving tapestry of multi-ethnic influences.

“Singapore: Where Explorers Meet” will bring visitors on a journey through Singapore’s food culture, with the nation’s top food pioneers whipping up delicacies that will enchant and delight.

Chef Malcolm Lee of Candlenut—the world’s only Michelin-starred Peranakan* restaurant—will serve up an array of mouth-watering dishes, such as buah keluak ice cream and a piquant array of curries, while Old Chang Kee will present their famous curry puffs, a much-loved local snack.

Portrait image of Vijay Mudaliar

Vijay Mudaliar of Native

The event will also feature cocktails that shine a spotlight on Singaporean spices and produce, with a cross-cultural collaboration between Vijay Mudaliar, owner of Native, number 13 on the World’s 50 Best Bars, and Lyaness, a brand new bar from the award-winning Mr Lyan and team. Their Native x Lyaness drinks will be crafted to bring out the best of Singaporean spices and flavours.

Portrait image of Raffles Singapore Head Bartender, Paul Hammond

Paul Hammond of Raffles Singapore

There will also be opportunities to try the legendary Singapore Sling presented by head bartender of Raffles Singapore, Paul Hammond, in advance of the reopening of the legendary hotel after a careful and sensitive restoration.

*The term is an Indonesian/Malay word that means “local born”, which generally refers to people of Chinese and Malay/Indonesian heritage.

Front shot of music duo .gif.

Photo of music duo .gif, by Jonathan Kiat

Art and new possibilities

Bold new perspectives await visitors to the event, with luminaries of Singapore’s creative scene showcasing art pieces that celebrate Singapore’s people, places and passions.

Installations on display include a tropical wonderland designed by Humid House—Singapore’s leading botanical designers—and Kaleidoscope, a multi-hued display created by Singapore-based artists Esther Goh and OuterEdit.

British artist Mileece and Singaporean music duo .gif will present visitors with a unique plant soundscape that reacts to touch. To uncover how passion takes shape in Singapore, explore Singapore’s City of Possibilities. This interactive video tour will have visitors discovering eight iconic landmarks and the possibilities they hold.

More than just roads and buildings, a city is defined by its people. To discover their stories, be sure to admire the photography showcase by New York-based Singaporean photographer Lenne Chai, which combines both portraiture and narrative works.

These visual feasts will be accompanied by music from Kiat (Syndicate.SG)—producer, DJ and Southeast Asian pioneer of drum and bass.

The Last Overland (Singapore – London Expedition)

Aptly timed to coincide with the Singapore Bicentennial, The Last Overland celebrates a 1955 journey by students from Oxford and Cambridge who successfully completed The First Overland, an expedition that brought them from London to Singapore.

87-year-old Tim Slessor, one of the original members of The First Overland expedition, will re-embark on a journey that retells the tale linking the two cities. The Last Overland will document Tim’s odyssey from Singapore to London, aboard the original 1955 ‘Oxford’ land rover that was used in the first expedition.

Tim’s daring journey that epitomises the spirit of exploration and passion commences on 25 Aug 2019 from the F1 Pit Building in Marina Bay, Singapore. For more information, please visit here.

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