Discover new realms of imagination, with the boundless arts and culture that await you at the Singapore International Festival of Arts.

Bangsawan Gemala Malam by Teater Ekamatra

Photo by Arts House Limited

Inspiration takes front and centre stage at the Singapore International Festival of the Arts (SIFA), one of our island’s most iconic celebrations of arts and culture.

Back for its 45th year, the grand old dame of our national arts events returns in May with over 300 performances and 60 shows, with a range of live, hybrid and virtual programmes.

2022’s edition of the festival will kickstart a new festival concept and focus – The Anatomy of Performance, which places emphasis on original creations and new iterations of works by local and international artists, across the physical and online space.

From scintillating live performances to dynamic collaborations that transcend physical space, this year’s festival is bound to expand the limits of your imagination. Here’s a small sample of what’s in store at SIFA 2022.


Photo by Arts House Limited

Creation is a platform to showcase SIFA's prime offerings that encompasses new commissions and fresh iterations of works by both local and international artists, delivered across the physical and online space.

MEPAAN is a display of a magnificent performance that evokes the subline rituals of Southeast Asia and its native people, brought to life by Singapore Chinese Orchestra, in collaboration with Borneo-based creative group – Tuyang Initative.

Festival goers who have interest in dystopia can look forward to Remotes x Quantum, which is a collaboration between local playwright Eleanor Wong and Phillippines filmmaker John Torres, that reimagines life in Singapore and Phillipines on the brink of a dystopian world order.

Life Profusion
The Rhythm of Us marks the first collaboration between the Singapore Dance Theatre and Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

Photo by Bernie Ng

SIFA's virtual stage – Life Profusion, runs parallel to its live festival and is dedicated to express how the digital stage is a new reality for performances. Five unique categories will be available at this virtual stage - +DREAM, +EAT, +READ, +GROW and +DISCUSS, which are designed to expand, organise and deepen the profusion of ideas and content from the festival.

Kicking off Life Profusion's +DREAM will be the world premier of world-renowned science fiction artist, filmmaker, inventor and body architect Lucy McRae’s performance film – Delicate Spells of Mind that dissects the operating system of the mind.

Other programmes available include digital 'snacks' on +EAT, featuring music collaborations between local and international artists, essays on +READ that explores the artistry and ideas behind SIFA's performing offerings and many more.

The Mole Agent features Sergio, an 83-year-old man, hired by a private investigator to work on a case in a retirement home.

Photo by Arts House Limited

SIFA X marks the spot for wilder performances and festival goers can expect more diverse multidisciplinary collaborations between artists, within the premises of Singapore's two iconic art spaces - Goodman Arts Centre and Aliwal Arts Centre.

Kicking of the inaugural edition of SIFA X is oneirism, presented by SAtheCollective, which is a contemporary live performance that seeks to evoke the ceremonies and rituals across Southeast Asian culture, inspiring audiences to rediscover the magic hidden in everyday mundanity.

Art and ingenuity

Besides its trove of performances, SIFA 2022 will also feature new perspectives through alternative festival offerings that are bound to fuel your imagination and help your creativity take flight.

Ponder the future of life and culture for the dwindling number of residents on Pulau Ubin with ubin – a multidimensional project which tells the stories of the island through sound installation, dance, theatre and exhibition.

SIFA 2022 takes place at multiple venues around Singapore, as well as in a variety of digital programmes. Visit SIFA 2022’s website to find out more information, or book your tickets here.

To discover the festival’s inspiring programme from abroad or the comfort of your home, be sure to check out SIFA on Demand