If a single event could capture the essence of Singapore’s unique multicultural personality, it would be the Chingay Parade—an annual marvel of dazzling floats, dancing dragons and stilt walkers.

It may be held during the Chinese New Year festivities, but this wondrous event brings together people and performances from across Singapore’s cultural spectrum, and is celebrated by Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians alike.

Cheerleading Association performance at Chingay Parade

With all its noise and gaiety, the parade was mooted over four decades ago as a way to compensate for the ban that had been placed on firecrackers, a customary Chinese New Year practice to drive away evil spirits.

Malay cultural performance at Chingay Parade

Themed ‘Ignite Our Dreams’ – the 2022 Chingay showcase (Chingay50) will be its 50th edition and will celebrate the annual affair’s journey from its early days as a street parade till today. Chingay50 will be aired live online and on social media channels on Saturday, 12 February 2022. Travellers will be able to tune in to watch the parade from anywhere and everywhere.

Fireworks display during Chingay Parade 2019

Bringing the best of Singapore’s multiculturalism to local audiences and beyond, Chingay50 seeks to engage and invigorate audiences with fresh, innovative presentations of arts, culture and heritage, as well as through a wider range of opportunities for community participation and involvement.

For more and the latest information on Chingay50, visit the official website, @PAssion Chingay Club on Facebook or @ChingaySingapore on Instagram.