In Singapore, art exists beyond the walls of galleries and museums, spilling out into streets, shopping malls and urban spaces all across the island.

Taking place at four unique locations, Art Around the City will take art lovers from all walks of life into the imagination of some of our city’s most inspired artists.

This one-off event—held at Gillman BarracksDesign OrchardLittle India and Chinatown—comprises four distinctive projects, each accentuating the unique characteristics of their respective locales.

Visitors can expect a range of inspiring workshops, installations and experiences that are bound to uncover new horizons of the imagination.

Read on for more details on each project, and discover how art comes alive in the Lion City.

The Non Season at Design Orchard Photo by Hyphen BB

The Non Season at Design Orchard
17 February - 10 April 2022
Curated by Hyphen BB

Inspired by Orchard Road’s reputation as a fashionista’s paradise, The Non Season challenges the notion of seasonal fashion collections, and thus inspire visitors to conceive new definitions and structures.

Taking place at Design Orchard, the activation will feature over 20 local and locally-based artists and designers such as Mike Chang, Aki Hassan, Marla Bendini and more, who will be taking over the interior and exterior with visually impactful and topical art installations.

Besides these works of art, visitors can look forward to a series of multi-disciplinary programmes such as heritage tours, live band and dance performances, and artist talks.

The Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFF) will also retail a series of exclusive fashion and lifestyle merchandise across categories such as fashion apparels, accessories, food & beverage and more – developed in collaboration with local brands and artists.

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Photo by Texture Media

The Rangoli Movement at Little India
21 February – 20 March 2022
Curated by Texture Media

The rich colours and culture of Little India take front and centre stage at this entrancing project, which centres on the traditional art of rangoli— a traditional Indian art form that uses materials like grains, seeds and powders to create geometric and religious motifs.

The Rangoli Movement seeks to employ this vibrant medium as a window into Indian culture, and to revivify this artistic tradition for a younger audience through technology. These elements come together in a seamless blend, fusing music, dance and digital art into an interactive display.

Visitors to the multi-sensory art showcase will be able to express their creativity with personalised designs that transform based on each participant’s unique dance movements.

Besides these Instagram-worthy works of art, The Rangoli Movement will also feature a range of rangoli art workshops with acclaimed local Rangoli artist Vijaya Mohan, and therapeutic sand art workshops.

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The Gathering at Chinatown
25 February – 25 March 2022
Curated by John Tung

History and heritage come alive in the colourful district of Chinatown, with local artist Wong Lip Chin’s The Gathering. 

Located at Kreta Ayer Square , this contemplative installation draws inspiration from the winding stream parties of ancient China, where Chinese literati (scholar-officials) would sit along the banks of a coursing stream and compose poems, while partaking in cups of rice wine that would float towards them. Hosted by the artist himself, this tea and incense pairing experience will engage beyond one’s visuals, to their olfactory and even auditory senses.

Besides being a foray into Chinese culture, tradition and aesthetics, The Gathering will also feature a host of other free and ticketed activities such as photography walks, acoustic Chinese instrumental music performances, educational online talks with the artist and Singapore’s oldest tea merchant, Pek Sin Choon.

Find more information here.

The Forest Institute at Gillman Barracks
14 January - 14 February 2022
Curated by John Tung

Held at Gillman Barracks, The Forest Institute bridges the gap between art and nature, beckoning lovers of both worlds to find a unified sense of inspiration.

The project—by local artist Robert Zhao and artist-architect Randy Chan—features a pop-up museum and conservatory that allows one to delve into the rich ecological history of Gillman Barracks and its surroundings, including the nearby Berlayer Creek. A work of art in its own right, this installation pays homage to the history, botany and zoology of the precinct. The Forest Institute offers a unique glimpse of the beauty and peculiarities that nature has to offer, while provoking thoughts on what we stand to lose.

Other nature-themed activities that await participants include guided tours and artist-led excursions into the lush greenery of the forest surrounding Gillman Barracks.

Participants can also embark on a photography workshop with veteran macro photographer Nicky Bay, or gain deeper insights into nature with an overnight stay at the Forest Observation Room. The latter allows them experience a researcher’s life, and spend the night observing nocturnal wildlife.

The Forest Institute at Gillman Barracks Artist’s impression of The Forest Institute
Photo by Zarch Collaboratives Architectural Studio
Robert Zhao and Randy Chen