Foodies enjoying a culinary feast together at the Festival.

With a range of food-themed activities, festivities and events, the Singapore Food Festival is the perfect occasion to gather friends for three weekends of feasts around Singapore.

It’s no secret that Singaporeans are united in their love for great food. And nowhere is this more evident than at the annual Singapore Food Festival (SFF), which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018.  Every year, foodies have savoured wonderful delicacies, created by the city-state’s brightest culinary talents in a true feast for the senses.

The festival showcases Singapore food culture through myriad dining experiences with four distinct themes of modernity, art, culture and tradition. Whether you’re a gourmand who appreciates culinary innovation, a lover of authentic culture and artistic presentations, or a foodie with a taste for tradition, Singapore Food Festival is bound to satisfy.

Keep your eyes peeled (and your stomach primed!) for the next Singapore Food Festival, and get ready to savour Singapore in every bite!