Meat Me in Singapore!

What’s in a name? In Wing Zone’s case, the answer is, well, the food they serve. But don’t just stop there, this casual dining spot, with an outlet in Bugis+ and another one along Compassvale Link, offers all sorts of scrumptious offerings for you to sink your teeth into. From their original buffalo wings to their classic hamburgers, there’s plenty to satisfy your cravings for meat, especially with the unique flavours that they offer.

When it comes to their wings, the signature flavours are inspired by cuisine from all over the world. This means you get to pick from choices such as Tokyo Dragon and Sweet Samurai, which is inspired by Japanese spices, to their Thai Chili, which is self-explanatory, as well as their Buffalo Bliss, Hot Shot & Nuclear Habanero, which is inspired by traditional American spices.

Why not give the Mango Fire Wings a try? The sweet, fruity taste of the mango masks the unexpected spiciness of the wings, kind of like a surprise for your taste buds—but only for the brave of heart! For those who prefer to stick to items that are lower down on the heat index scale, ask for their Cool Ranch Wings. These savoury wings feature Dry Rub ranch flavours, spices, and herbs. The crispy skin and the salty chicken meat makes a great combo, but be sure to keep plenty of water on hand.

Perhaps you prefer to keep things a little less messy? It might not sound possible, since these are wings after all, but you can actually choose to have the flavour of your choice with boneless chicken instead! Not only is this great for those who aren’t fans of getting their fingers too oily, it’s also great for families with younger kids, with bite-sized pieces for convenient dining.

If you’re new to the “Thai Mookata” phenomenon, Chickata BBQ, with its extensive array of mouthwatering fresh meat and seafood is a great place to start. This Muslim-owned stall offers up delicious marinated meats and fresh seafood for their Halal Thai-style barbecue and steamboat. Served with their famous homemade chilli sauce, the dishes they cook up are hearty, wholesome, and extremely filling.

From juicy lamb cuts to tender chicken bites, fresh prawns, and scallops, all you have to do is pick what you love and get busy eating. The best thing about eating here is that the flavours from the meat and other ingredients that you choose will seep into the soup, making it more flavourful, with every slice of meat you grill.

Many of their customers sing praises about the teriyaki chicken and beef, so be sure to add that to your tray of things to grill. Come in a big group so that you can all share more food!

The warm service that you get from the friendly owner is an added bonus, making your meal feel all the more satisfying. The open-minded owner also willingly accepts any comments you may have, so feel free to let him know your thoughts—especially if they’re positive ones!

With effect from December 2016, Chickata BBQ is temporarily closed. For latest updates on their new location, visit their official Facebook page.