I Am…

A visit to Haji Lane would not be complete without popping by this iconic little café on North Bridge Road. The European-inspired eatery features lots of little touches reminiscent of Amsterdam, from the bicycle-themed decoration that reflects the lifestyle of the Dutch, to the life-sized “I am…” letters outside the café, a replica of Amsterdam’s own iconic ‘I amsterdam’ structure. And the food, the glorious food! While mainly Western, there are quite a few Dutch-inspired dishes on the menu as well.

One of their must-try snacks is the Bittenballen, Dutch meatballs that have been reworked into a Halal dish. These delectable bites are filled with a generous amount of juicy meat, with a side of mustard—but they’re great on their own as well!

If you’re a burger person, be sure to order their Boss Burger. Served with a side of fries, the fresh juicy mushrooms perfectly complement the salty turkey bacon. Meanwhile the beef patty, mmm… the tender and succulent meat makes every bite extremely enjoyable. As for the dressing, well, truffle oil and chive mayo certainly make a delightful combination!

Do you like your food on the spicy side? Well, I Am… is ready to see to your needs with their Crayfish Pasta. The soft and tender crayfish flesh goes well with the texture of the pasta, and the spicy sauce completes the entire package. Garnished with cherry tomatoes and olives, the rich, tangy flavour of this dish could stay with you for days.

Nothing beats good ol’ Fish & Chips, wouldn’t you agree? Whether you’re a child or an adult, there’s just something so satisfying about this Western favourite. And here, they do it so well that while it is super crispy on the outside, your first mouthful will reveal succulent fish chunks that fall apart with every bite. It’s so yummy, that you may not even need the tartar and chilli sauce that comes with!

End your meal with their delicious dessert selection! While they are famous for their Rainbow Cake, the Rainbow Crepe is a great option for those who don’t want anything too heavy to munch on. This delicious dessert, drizzled with chocolate syrup, looks like it would give you a sugar rush but it’s actually not too sweet—so you wouldn’t feel too guilty about all the food you’re eating!

Hyde & Co.
Photo by Hyde & Co.

How do you like the sound of slow braised pulled beef? Do you feel your stomach rumbling in anticipation? Good, because that’s one of the key ingredients in Hyde & Co.’s Speedy Gonzales. The meat, marinated in house barbecue sauce, creamy scrambled eggs, guacamole, pico de gallo, and served with tortilla, is a meal that could possibly make your day. Its myriad of flavours are perfect for you to indulge in, as you spend a lazy afternoon chatting with a friend in this pretty place.

Photo by Hyde & Co.

Another thing on the menu that you can’t miss is the Hyde’s Chili Crab Pasta. Giving one of Singapore’s most famous dishes an Italian twist, this dish features a generous serving of blue swimmer crab tossed in spicy homemade arrabiata, topped with herbed panko, and served with linguine. And yes, it tastes every bit as wonderful as it sounds.

Perhaps you’d like to step in for afternoon tea instead? Well, that’s not an issue, as they also serve pancakes, crumpets, tea and cookies. How quintessentially English! Give their cold brew teas a try and pick out something from the Hyde tea collection. With offerings such as My Fair Lady (iced Earl Grey tea infused with milk) and The Addams Family (iced Moroccan apple tea), how could you possibly say no?

Photo by Hyde & Co.
Photo by Hyde & Co.