Exploring the Delicious Side of Bedok

According to an article on the website of the National Library Board of Singapore, Bedok’s name was derived from the Malay word for “drum”—this was possibly a reference to the usage of drums at the mosque to call the faithful to prayer as well as to convey important announcements or messages. While Bedok used to be a quiet village, today, it is a bustling district filled with public and private housing estates, industrial estates, and of course, good food! So, where should one look for food when in Bedok?

If you’ve got a craving for some Japanese food, Hei Sushi at Bedok Point is your place to be! This fusion-based, family-friendly eatery offers a wide range of delicious dishes for you to fill your belly with.

Here are some ideas of what to try when paying them a visit!

Salmon lovers should certainly try their Aburi Shake, or seared salmon sushi. Featuring melt-in-your-mouth slices of seared salmon atop fresh sushi rice, this rather addictive dish may have you clamouring for more!

Indulge a little and put in an order for a serving of their Mussels Batayaki. What’s that, you ask? Simmered mussels in butter sauce, that’s what! Now, doesn’t that just sound simply sinful? Fall in love with the fluffy and chewy texture of the mussels, and enjoy the enhanced flavour of this shellfish, thanks to the rich goodness of the butter sauce.

Their Ika Somen Tempura is a dish that will delight both young and old alike. The crispy squid with smelt roe bits are almost like a tasty snack that you can’t stop munching on. Getting kids to try this will be a breeze!

Fancy trying out one of their fusion favourites? A good dish to start with would be their Spicy Shake Baked Rice. This cheese-baked rice served with spicy salmon sashimi cubes is a delectable twist on the East-meets-West concept. The tender salmon cubes go perfectly with the cheesy consistency of the rest of the dish, and even though the bowl may not look particularly large; this dish is definitely a filling one.

Perhaps you prefer having some red meat instead of just going with seafood the whole way? Well then, be sure to give their Beef Kara Yaki a try! Grilled with hot and spicy sauce, the beef bites are juicy and tender, the meat further sweetened by the appetising sauce that it was cooked in.

One of their all-time favourites is their Beef Ribs. This platter includes beef ribs (of course) that are fork tender, topped with a sunny side up egg, and a side of potato wedges and salad. So, meat lovers, it’s time to get you appetite ready!

Wings are a favourite for many, thanks to the various recipes available to enjoy and their finger-licking goodness of wings that are done well. Which is why their must-try Kepak Bling Bling starter is a platter of yummy wings. Describing this as “furiously spicy fried wings”, Badoque cooks up this mouth-watering dish in a sauce of their own concoction. Spicy? Checked. Savoury? Checked. Satisfying? Checked!

If you’re still craving for more meat, give their Chicken Then Then Then (yes, that’s the name) a try! This baked spring chicken, stuffed with spinach and cheese smells as heavenly as it looks, and tastes even better. The tender chicken flesh, paired with the tasty combination of cheese and spinach, results in a burst of flavours with every bite that you take.

You can also load up on carbs with their Ravioli! Choose between their prawn and lobster filling or their ricotta cheese and spinach filling. Served in a thick, scrumptious pasta sauce, this tempting serving is one you shouldn’t miss out on.