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About Chef Anis Nabilah

Anis Nabilah is an international celebrity chef and media personality hailing from Malaysia. Beginning her career at a very young age, she is now considered to be one of the most accomplished young celebrity chefs in the world. A childhood fascination with the culinary arts became a career pursuit when she enrolled in the Food institute of Malaysia graduating with a Diploma in Culinary Arts in 2007. During her time at FIM, Anis was able to showcase several international cooking competitions held across Malaysia and won numerous awards and accolades; one of the most memorable being the medal in the Culinaire 2007 competition.

Chef Anis Nabilah is a household name in her home country in Malaysia. Her passion and commitment to work is second to none. She has hosted 35 cooking shows which have been aired on all the main TV networks in Malaysia. For the last six seasons Chef Anis Nabilah, has been the host of Malaysia’s no. 1 cooking show i.e. Selera on TV 3.

Her world brought her on a magnificent food expedition that has covered Europe, South Africa, Australia and all over Asia. Chef Anis Nabilah is certainly one of the most recognizable faces in Asia having been featured on TV shows such as “Icip-Icip” (AFC). In fact she was the only celebrity chef from Malaysia who appeared in My Taste in Hong Kong – a food and travelogue show in TLC.

Undoubtedly Chef Anis Nabilah is truly passionate about sharing her knowledge about food with fellow enthusiasts. In fact one of her goals in life is to set up her own culinary institute in Malaysia one day. Chef Anis Nabilah’s bubbly personality and extensive knowledge in the culinary arts is certainly a winning formula and is set to take this young and ambitious celebrity chef to greater heights.

Singapore is one of my favourite cities in the world. I go there on business trips at least once a month. About a month ago, I decided to go on a weekend trip and indulge myself in some of the best cuisines the restaurants in Singapore has to offer. This trip was very different than my previous trips. Reason being, I get to explore, relax and re-inspire my taste buds. I also had the pleasure to discover the “IT’ spots and fine-dine halal restaurants all around town.

When in Singapore, you should plan ahead and know of some places to go to, so you and your family or friends, wouldn’t miss anything short of an amazing trip. Let me share with you the places I visited and the amazing dining experiences that made my trip complete.

So I started my day in Singapore with lunch at Mamanda, which is a halal fine dining restaurant that is located at Gedung Kuning or Bendahara House at Sultan Gate, just outside the Istana Kampong Glam. It is sure to delight your sight and senses with its beautiful history filled decor and delicious authentic Malay cuisines. I tried one of their specialties, the  “Nasi Ambeng”. Nasi Ambeng is traditionally served in a big tray and is meant to be enjoyed by four people a tray. Since I went alone, the chef decided to prepare Nasi Ambeng for 1. This flavourful dish consists of steamed fragrant rice, chicken and coconut gravy, spicy beef floss, deep-fried beef lungs, sambal goreng, prawn sambal, warm Malay salad also known as “Urap”, salted fish, beef rendang, fish sambal, potato cakes and sambal belacan. I was left with a happy full stomach and was ready to explore more of Singapore. 

After the delicious dish, I decided to have a wander at nearby Haji Lane to explore this unique street that’s filled with street arts and cool shops, at the same time do some shopping! 

So my first stop was The Pantry at Shop Wonderland. Shop Wonderland is a lifestyle shop and café that sells artfully curated selection of homewares. They are also well known for their yummy cakes and coffee. Even though I was full from the Nasi Ambeng I cleverly enough reminded myself to save some room for cakes (always make room for desserts when in Singapore). I tried 2 of their cakes, the Rose Blossom Cake and the Lavender Earl Grey Cake, and both of them were divine!

After indulging myself in those delicious desserts, it's time to burn those calories gained. I continued my adventure in Haji Lane to look for the next hidden gem. I stumbled upon Al’ Frank Cookies, and as I entered, Frank the owner and head baker greeted me and told me all about his humble yet ingenious shop. All of Frank’s cookies are flourless and gluten-free, most are made with rolled oats that’s grounded and mixed with other natural delicious ingredients. There are more than ten flavours to choose from. I then decided to take away the Chinese New Year Special - Mandarin Flavoured Flourless Cookies. 

This would be perfect to munch on as I continue my journey to discover Singapore. Before I left Haji Lane, I went to Spoilmarket, which is a beautiful shop that sells the cutest knick-knacks that would make great gifts. Here, I managed to exercise my hidden talent for some quick shopping. After crossing Haji Lane off my list, I headed down to Tiong Bahru. If you are into comics, books, have love for literature and a hobby of collecting vintage stationary and trinkets, you should definitely check out Books Actually. There are so many interesting things to look at.

Also, while you are in that area you can also have a meal at Open Door Policy. This chic restaurant was opened by Chef Ryan Clift of haute cuisine restaurant The Tippling Club. It serves modern bistro grub with a rustic twist. You can either have coffee and desserts, or enjoy a full meal and watch all the chefs in action through the open kitchen glass windows. One thing people don’t really know about me is that I am an absolute pastry lover! I’ve been hearing about this amazing bakery in Tiong Bahru called Tiong Bahru Bakery by French Chef Gontran Cherrier, they've got a selection of scrumptious freshly baked goods. I tried a Pain Au Chocolat, one just wasn't enough so I bought 2 more to take home. It is so buttery and flaky, reminds me of the pastries I had in Paris! 

After all the walking and exploring (and mostly eating), I decided to head back to my hotel to freshen myself up before heading out for dinner. I then checked in to an award-winning boutique hotel located in Little India, called Wanderlust Hotel. This unique boutique hotel is so funky and bright, it puts you in a good mood the moment you walk in to it.

I decided to go for dinner at Lime house, Singapore’s first Caribbean restaurant combining excellent food and drinks, a relaxing lounge atmosphere and great music.Inspired by all things Caribbean, Lime House puts you at ease as you tuck into a delicious menu full of both fine-dining and traditional Caribbean dishes, from slipper lobster cocktail and Caribbean fish cakes to the famous Jamaican jerk chicken, which was sensational! Lime House is located in a stunning heritage multi-storey shop house in the heart of Chinatown. Like the ground-floor restaurant, the Lime lounge bar upstairs is the perfect place to unwind after work or on weekends.

On the second day, I had lunch at Rang Mahal, another halal fine dining restaurant. This award-winning restaurant is located at Pan Pacific Singapore. They served up an amazing spread of traditional authentic Indian food. I had the Murgh Makhani (Indian Butter Chicken) and it is by far the best one I’ve ever had. Another restaurant added to my list of favourites!

After my beautiful lunch, I head down to Holland Village to check out some of the cool shops they have there., As I was walking around I found a nice pop up shop selling fresh fried Churros called Churrosity. These tiny Churros are covered in brown sugar and served with a few different types of dipping; I went for Caramel and Classic Chocolate! Perfect treat on a cold rainy day! I continued to walk around when I stumbled upon yet another interesting café, that I couldn’t resist myself from entering! D’good Café’s motto is  “Blend & Brew the way you like it”. At d’Good Café, they believe that everyone is like no other, they allow customers to create their own coffee blend from a range of single origin beans. Here I had a cup of hot latte made with my own coffee blend and to go with it, a Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake. My day couldn’t get any better!

I ended my second day food adventure at Everything With Fries. Despite people’s perception of fries, I believe that when it is fried right, it is worth every calorie that comes with. Here, I had a few things but one of my favourites would be the Mussles and asian style sauce served with golden thick-cut fries. Went back to my hotel with a very happy stomach. 

On my last day, I attended the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant 2015 Summit Conference, where a selection of the most progressive chefs and restaurateurs from across the world come together at Asia’s most important culinary summit. I was left in awe after listening to these top chefs and restaurateurs and what they have planned for the coming year. Decided to treat myself with a nice buffet dinner at Aquamarine Marina Mandarin that is considered one of the best restaurants in Marina Bay Singapore and is halal-certified. The buffet spread was exceptional! The seafood was so fresh and everything was cooked to perfection!

Since it’s my last day, I wanted to end my food adventure with a bang! I went to try some of the desserts at the 2am:dessertbar located in Holland Village, it is definitely a must stop destination if you’re a dessert lover. Award-winning Pastry Chef, Janice Wong has received worldwide recognition for her cutting-edge creations and is a regular on the global pop-up circuit - proof that 2am:dessertbar is more than just a sugar-rush! They have an excellent choice of desserts that would not disappoint! I tried a few amazing desserts, gelatos and cheesecakes but my absolute favourite would be the Chocolate Praline Poprocks Cake. This soft and moist chocolate cake is just so perfect with its fudgy ganache and praline mixed with poprocks (it’s fun meets delicious) served with homemade vanilla ice cream! I am definitely going back for more! I left Singapore the next morning with a heavy heart and a full stomach, and finding myself planning my next food trip here, at this urban upbeat colourful city! I will be back! Till then! 


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