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Impressive decorations add on to the festive atmosphere during Christmas in Singapore.

Christmas in Singapore is a big celebration that gives the locals another excuse to do what they love most: eat and shop.

The famous shopping belt on Orchard Road is spectacularly lit up every December to ramp up the festive mood, and serves as a blazing reminder to hit the malls.

Meanwhile, Christmas spreads and Yuletide menus pop up at restaurants across the island, giving a festive twist to an already impressive dining scene.

At its heart, the Christmas holiday is still a special day for Singapore’s many Christians.

It’s not all indulgence though.

At its heart, the holiday is still a special day for Singapore’s many Christians. It’s a religious celebration like any other, except over here, everyone gets to take part in the frenzy and the fun of fake snow, men in santa suits and of course, Christmas presents!

What's Unique

A Christmas feast, Singapore style

With people of different races and cultures living together on one island, things can get a little mixed up, but in a good way. When it comes to Christmas, traditional dishes like Turkey get a good dose of local flavour with Asian seasonings and herbs such as ginger and chili. It’s guaranteed to spice up your holiday celebrations.

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