In an ultra-modern city where the skyline is always changing, it is easy to uncover new experiences and activities that will recharge your senses. Whether it is through a rejuvenating encounter with our city’s flora and fauna or experiencing a refreshing change of palate through eclectic food haunts, Singapore offers you the chance to live it up and rediscover yourself in many exciting ways.

Get reacquainted with nature
Marina Barrage

Singapore may be known as a dynamic financial hub dotted with gleaming commercial buildings, but wherever you are, lush pockets of picturesque greenery are never far away. After all, our sunny isle is also known as a ‘garden city’. Be it vast nature reserves or idyllic neighbourhood parks, flora lovers can look forward to exploring a variety of recreational spots for a fun day out.

The first local landmark to be nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Singapore Botanic Gardens is a popular spot to bask in the great outdoors and enjoy a picnic. Highlights include the Rain Forest that is home to centuries-old trees, and the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, a playtime area with tree house slides and fun water features. See if you can spot the 150-year-old Tembusu Tree– arguably the most famous tree in Singapore as it is featured on our five-dollar bill!

For more encounters with nature, why not go on a hike along the Southern Ridges trail? Connecting various parks such as Mount Faber Park and Labrador Nature Reserve, the 10-kilometre long trail is ideal for bird-watchers and plant lovers to view Singapore’s flora and fauna, as well as to enjoy panoramas of the city.

Another popular picnicking spot to check out is the sprawling green lawn atop Marina Barrage, which offers photo-worthy views of the city’s glittering skyline at night. On nearly any day, it would not be unusual to spot kites dotting the sky, so grab a kite from one of the barrage’s activity shops and join in the fun!

Eat, drink and be merry

Many travellers who visit Singapore cite our reputation as a foodie’s paradise as one of the main draws of the city. After all, much has been said about Singapore’s plethora of multi-cultural hawker food markets. But aside from sampling the usual chicken rice and char kway teow, how about exploring the city’s eclectic mix of mixology bars and innovative contemporary restaurants?

Deemed as the ‘hottest cocktail city’ by CNN last year, Singapore has witnessed a revitalisation of the classic drink with an emergence of artisan cocktail bars helmed by award-winning mixologists. One such watering hole is Anti:dote at Fairmont Singapore, which has earned rave reviews for its inventive blends infused with herbs from the hotel’s own garden. If you’re in the mood for great live music to go with your tipple, check out B28 at The Club Hotel– a premium whisky bar serving up rare single malt whiskies alongside weekend jazz performances.

Recharge your senses

A holiday is not only about getting away, but also about getting recharged. In a fast-paced world that places great emphasis on long office hours, it is no wonder that many of us feel worn out. Should you be in need of a reboot, why not indulge in a Jetset Recovery experience at COMO Shambhala? This treatment combines a yoga or Pilates session with a deep tissue massage afterwards– ideal for alleviating muscle tension.

As caffeine fanatics would certainly attest, one foolproof method of getting recharged is a robust cup of coffee. In recent years, Singapore has seen an uprising of chic coffee joints, with a few popular standouts. One of them is Chye Seng Huat Hardware, an ultra-hip café within a 1950s shop house that serves up a mean cup of java alongside classic brunch items.

The revitalising benefits of a well-brewed pot of tea are extolled among many cultures. Enjoy a tranquil afternoon dabbling in the art of tea appreciation at Tea Bone Zen Mind, a 20-year-old teahouse at Emerald Hill, From Tie Guan Yin to aged pu’er, patrons can try a curated array of specialty teas. And whether you are a tea aficionado or novice, sampling sessions and appreciation lessons are available by appointment.

Surrounded by vibrant greenery, Gillman Barracks is a much buzzed-about arts space featuring the works of world-renowned artists. Even if you are no art expert, a stroll within this lovely enclave that houses 17 international galleries is nothing short of inspiring and thought provoking.