Singapore Tourism Board invites foodies to Taste Obsession Singapore this March and April at Cirrus Dining in Sydney.

Kicking off the 6-week pop-up, from 3 to 5 March, Brent Savage, Co-Owner/Chef at Cirrus Dining is teaming up with Wayne Liew, Chef at third-generation Singapore eatery Keng Eng Kee, to design a 9-course degustation that tells the story of ‘their’ Singapore.

Their cooking styles couldn’t be more different, but both chefs share a passion for Singapore’s food scene – one that is steeped in tradition, yet maintains a voracious appetite for innovation.

Brent’s interpretation will stay true to his refined style; while Wayne will introduce Aussies to his iconic Zi Char dishes, such as Coffee Pork Ribs. Found in alfresco eateries across the island, Zi Char (meaning ‘cook and fry’) is a unique dining experience that offers a menu of over 100 dishes, with each eatery famous for their own signature dishes.

For those who missed out on the Keng Eng Kee pop-up, Cirrus Dining will continue serving a Singapore-inspired menu from 6 March to 12 April. Brent will serve the special collab dish he co-designed with Wayne, featuring Steamed Blue Eye Trevalla + Fermented Wood Ear Mushroom + Shiso + Bak Kwa. Diners can also enjoy Chilli Crab, Glazed Duck and a Pandan Parfait + Lychee Granita.

Bookings: or T: (02) 9220 0111

Come taste our obsession.