Art all around

Delve into realms of inspiration and stretch the limits of your imagination at Singapore Art Week, a celebration of creativity that takes place across the Lion City’s various precincts, galleries and museums.

A celebration of creativity, beauty and bold new ways of perceiving art, Singapore Art Week 2019 returns with a packed schedule aptly themed Art Takes Over, with activities and events spread across to the city’s galleries, museums and surprising spaces, even back streets and alleys.

This seventh edition showcases works from some of the most dynamic artists from Singapore and around the world, through a plethora of art-themed events ranging from exhibitions and walking tours to art fairs and symposiums.

Visitors can gain a deeper appreciation of art with Southeast Asia’s first-ever exhibition on the Minimalism movement. The event will give aficionados a rare chance to view the private collections of some of the city’s most discerning collectors.

Discover how centuries-old heritage and trailblazing street art come together on the vibrant streets of Little India, and marvel as the façade of the Civic District’s historic buildings transform into a spectacle of light and colour.

Art lovers interested in the inner workings of the art world can attend discussions, dialogues and symposiums featuring noteworthy speakers and panellists.

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