Singapore’s sizeable Muslim community means that there is an abundance of halal food (food which adheres to Islamic law) available all over the island.

This list features an array of cuisines, from Malay to Indonesian, Western to Chinese—treats to tantalise your taste buds and keep you fuelled as you explore the city.

Delights in the heart of the Malay-Muslim enclave

Historic Kampong Glam isn’t only known for the landmark Sultan Mosque, colourful Haji Lane and quirky boutiques. The area also has a selection of affordable halal grub. Krave, for example, is a quaint café specialising in great East-meets-West dishes like arabiatta chicken pasta (infused with Asian spices for a spicy kick) and their specialty, the "Kraving Ayam Bakar" (barbecued chicken).

Meanwhile, & Why Café—located on nearby Bali Lane—is the place to go for mocktails and desserts as well as unique entrees like the Oriental Crab Meat Pasta, all of which has had foodies here raving.

But the cuisine to try when visiting Kampong Glam is Malay/Indonesian food and Hjh Maimunah Restaurant at Jalan Pisang—a favourite of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. It serves nasi padang (steamed rice served with various pre-cooked dishes) as well as favourites like grilled chicken, ox’s tail soup and more.

For great Malay/Indonesian food outside the Kampong Glam area, check out Tambuah Mas. Located at Paragon on Orchard Road, the restaurant is famous for its servings of satay (grilled skewered meats), seafood and beef served with rice. Over on Bencoolen Street, Pu3 Restaurant is one of the best places in Singapore for nasi ambeng, a popular Javanese fragrant rice dish topped with chicken curry, vegetables and fried coconut flesh.

International flavours

Halal food in Singapore isn’t just limited to Asian meals. Buffets are also a great place to savour many tastes in one seating. Here are some restaurants that will surely whet your appetites.

Aquamarine—located at the Marina Mandarin Hotel—offers a dazzling buffet of Asian and Western cuisines. It is also known as a seafood paradise.

Another halal buffet is StraitsKitchen at Grand Hyatt Singapore. Experience local cuisine like chicken rice, laksa (spicy coconut milk-based noodle soup) and more in a contemporary market place setting. Local favourites and contemporary regional delicacies can also be found at the Asian Market Café where the focus is on Chinese, Malay, Indian and Japanese dishes. Make sure to try chilli crab, arguably Singapore’s national dish.

If you are looking for something a little more casual, Badoque Café offers generously portioned Western food at affordable prices. Try the beef ribs or the Pasta Ragu, firm favourites with the restaurant’s legion of fans.

Check out these halal options all over the island, guaranteed to satisfy your hunger!