Whether you’re a gourmand, a history and culture buff or an intrepid explorer, our Lion City is a trove of experiences that’s bound to ignite your passions.

With all that our city has to offer, you may feel a little overwhelmed by choice. This shortlist of Singapore Tourism Awards (STA) winners will provide you with a perfect jumpstart on exploring Singapore’s range of exciting experiences.

Black & White Houses Tour [WINNER]
Tourists entering a black and white colonial house

Tour operator: Jane's Singapore Tours

Looking for a uniquely insightful tour into Singapore’s multicultural urban landscape? The team of experts at Jane’s Singapore Tours have a range of city tour options that are bound to tickle your fancy.

The winner of the STA 2018 Best Tour Experience, Jane’s Singapore Tours provides visitors with insightful explorations into the city’s various neighbourhoods. Led by Jane Iyer and her team of experienced tour guides, these thematic tours span a range of subject matter, from explorations of Singapore’s street art and museums to insights into Singapore’s diverse religions.

History buffs looking to add to their trove of knowledge should consider signing up for Black & White Houses Tour. An exploration of Singapore’s colonial past grounded in architectural and historical insight, the tour will dive into the history of Singapore’s most iconic colonial houses, and the stories of their past residents.

For online bookings, find out more here or call +65 8297 9177.

Journeys To Hell™ – Death & The Afterlife [FINALIST]
Tourists at the entrance of Haw Par Villa listening to a tour guide

Tour operator: Haw Par Villa by Journeys Pte Ltd

A travel company that specialises in heritage-based tours, Journeys gained its reputation from its award-winning Original Singapore Walks. The tour operator has been graced with numerous accolades, including a spot as the finalist at the STA 2018 and recognition as the Best Inbound Travel Company of 2018 by Singapore Tatler.

Its themed tours of Singapore’s districts unearth the little-known stories and overlooked cultural gems of each locale, from the forgotten tombs of the Malay kings on Fort Canning Hill to the fascinating tale behind the Civic District’s Armenian Church.

For an exhilarating jaunt into Chinese mythology, embark on a tour of the famous Haw Par Villa. Founded in 1937, this Asian cultural park is a repository of folklore, history and myth, most famous for its graphic murals depicting the Taoist underworld.

The Journeys to Hell—Death and the Afterlife tour will bring you on a twilight expedition into the Ten Courts of Hell. Visitors will get to explore the millennia-long history of Chinese folklore and uncover the story behind Haw Par Villa. The experience will prove to be riveting for thrill-seeking guests, and revelatory for those with a love for mythology.

For online bookings, find out more here or call +65 6325 1631.

Next Generation Hawker Food Tour [FINALIST]
Tourists have their picture taken with a hawker chef at local hawker centre

Tour operator: Wok ‘n’ Stroll Pte Ltd

Embark on a culinary adventure that encompasses Singapore’s multi-ethnic food culture with Wok ‘n’ Stroll. Founded by expatriate-turned-Singaporean food lover Karni Tomer, these tours are an ode to local cuisine, with explorations of wet markets, hawker centres, gourmet restaurants and ethnic dishes. Ms Tomer’s personal touch and gregarious personality led to plaudits at the STA 2018, where she ranked as a finalist in the Best Customer Service For Tourist Guiding category.

To get your feet wet (and your belly filled), join the popular Next Generation Hawker Food Tour, a great way to tantalise your taste buds and explore Singapore’s urban landscape. The tour shines a spotlight on Singapore’s up-and-coming generation of hawkerpreneurs (a blend of ‘hawker’ and ‘entrepreneur’), affording you the opportunity to savour daring new flavours and traditional hawker fare.

Whether you’re hankering for traditional Teochew braised duck or craving to sample a delightful fusion of two distinct noodle dishes, Wok ‘n’ Stroll is certain to pique your appetite.

For online bookings, find out more here or call +65 8338 3571.

Singapore After Dark: The Hidden Secrets [FINALIST]
Tourists gathered outside a satay stall

Tour operator: Monster Day Tours

A tour operator run by a team of bright young guides, Monster Day Tours offers a dynamic range of free walking tours that combine exhilarating urban adventure with engrossing storytelling. The dynamic young team clinched a spot as a finalist in the Best Tour Experience category of the STA Awards 2018.

Monster Day Tours’s offerings span history, culture and food, making it a great option to browse if you can’t decide which facet of Singapore to discover first.

For nocturnal explorers and lovers of nightlife, we personally recommend Singapore After Dark: The Hidden Secrets Nightlife Tour. Discover hidden gems of the Lion City after dark on this three-and-a-half-hour tour, which encompasses the Singapore River, Clarke Quay and Central Business District.

Attendees will get to experience late-night hawker dining, visit the various watering holes along Clarke Quay and drink in the beauty of the metropolis’ shining lights.

For online bookings, find out more here or call +65 9151 7567.