Night owls can rejoice – at sunset in Singapore, streetlights come on and the city takes on a whole new life in a slightly different hue. Being one of the safest cities in the world with a first-class transportation system has its perks; it is always easy to get around, any time of the day or night.

Whether you are trying to squeeze more into your itinerary, or simply curious about how the city looks and breathes in the dark of the night, you will not be let down by the array of strangely wonderful shopping, dining and entertainment options to tickle your fancy. You might lose sleep over this.

Mustafa Centre

A bonus for shopaholics
Little india

Did you forget to buy a souvenir during the day, or missed out on getting that crucial piece for your new wardrobe? Fret not, you can still find what you are looking for. If you did not satisfy your shopping needs in the day, take to the streets for even more vibrant options at night.

For curios, knick-knacks and the latest fashion finds, dive into a precinct with an alarmingly colourful past. Once an infamous haunt for sailors and transvestites in the 1980s, the entire Bugis and Bras Brasah area has since been transformed into a buzzing arts enclave. Spanning across three levels, the 800 shops of Bugis Street#31 provide a buffet of precious finds for shoppers. If you are around in August, do not miss the annual Singapore Night Festival, where spectacular aerial performances, live music and interactive light installations take over the town.

Hardcore shoppers would appreciate the bustle of Mustafa Centre, though the sheer intensity of it may call for more courage than most. Open 24/7, this unassuming shopping complex is a cult favourite in the Singaporean shopping scene for good reason. Step through the doors, and you will discover a sprawling labyrinth where it really is possible to find a deal for anything under the sun. Literally.

Immerse in cultural afterhours

Those seeking an experience with a cultural twist will benefit from planning their visits to coincide with the festive seasons. Our celebrations range from the historical to the strangely, and are a great way to experience a cultural crescendo. A hike through Little India on any given evening can yield shopping gems ranging from silk saris to gold jewellery and exotic spices, but swing by during the Deepavali period and you will find the general state of things turned up a notch. 

Similarly, during Chinese New Year the Festive Street Bazaar in Chinatown is a must-visit, with over 300 stalls touting festive decorations, mouthwatering delicacies and fashion apparel to name a few. Geylang Serai is the go-to place during the Hari Raya period, where rustic Malay charm meets fantastic dining options. Get ready to return with bags of delectable treats and traditional wares.

Similarly, during Chinese New Year the Festive Street Bazaar in Chinatown is a must-visit, with over 300 stalls touting festive decorations, mouthwatering delicacies and fashion apparel to name a few. Geylang Serai is the go-to place during the Hari Raya period, where rustic Malay charm meets fantastic dining options. Get ready to return with bags of delectable treats and traditional wares.

Put your stomach on overtime

After a day in this 24/7 food paradise, you will be grateful for the fact that many dining options here extend late into the night – there simply aren’t enough breakfasts, lunches or dinners in a day take it all in!

In the earlier parts of the evening when temperatures take a slight dip, head to one of the famed hawker centres#2 to enjoy tasty local grub in greater comfort. But take note – with delicious smells emanating from every square inch and more than a hundred stalls in one complex, this is one of those places where the indecisive are disadvantaged. Some famous hawker centres include Maxwell Road Hawker Centre and Makansutra Glutton’s Bay.

Whether you’ve been drinking, dancing or exploring the city, there is no need to worry if you feel the hunger pangs coming on. From igniting your tastebuds with authentic Thai cuisine to surprising your palate with quirkily innovative desserts, you will be pleasantly surprised by the swanky options available after witching hour.

Up for some fun?

Beneath the façade of a pristine city-state, we are also a country that really knows how to let our hair down. If you fancy a tipple with the locals, you are in luck because this is a city that boasts more than its fair share of watering holes, thirst quenchers and wacky cocktail bars.

But the night isn’t exclusive to drinking, so be sure to stay sober (or drunk) enough for other eye-opening experiences. Choose from a large variety of activities to be had, without even forking out 10 bucks.

To up the ante on after-dark fun, you don’t have to look too far. Enjoy Formula One’s only full night race amongst a host of festivities and an electrifying atmosphere. Or if you prefer to hang out with a completely different crowd, check out the Night Safari, the world’s first safari park for nocturnal animals. And to be utterly mesmerised, head to a 101-hectare sustainable horticultural destination – Gardens by the Bay – for a dazzling light and sound show amidst the Supertrees as the dusk falls.

By day or by night, there is always a plethora of quirky experiences to be had in Singapore. Like to ramp up on bright lights, festive atmospheres and culturally immersive experiences? Check out the multicultural celebrations we share.

Strangely Wonderful Glossary

#2- Hawker centres- Singaporean food playgrounds where foodies gather.                                       

#31- Street markets- Our street markets offer a variety of the old and new where you can uncover unique finds from clothes and accessories to unique local foods.