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Where Creativity Meets

Anna pushes boundaries when it comes to her desserts, earning her reputation as Australia’s ‘Punk Princess of Pastry’ and attracting foodies from Australia and beyond for their ‘wow’ factor.

Janice’s 2am:dessertbar was the first late night dessert bar in Singapore, making a name for Janice both in Singapore and abroad, along with her culinary ‘art’. Both chefs have been mutual fans of each other’s work for many years and they have come together to collaborate over their shared love for creating unique creative desserts that get people talking.


Follow their

Anna and Janice explored Singapore, sourcing ingredients from the local wet markets and tasting the flavours of hawker classics. Their visit to the ArtScience Museum and Gardens by the Bay tickled their imagination, inspiring the unique structure of their collaborative dish.

Starting the day with tradition

Ya Kun Kaya Toast was the first stop for a traditional breakfast. The mix of kaya - sweet coconut jam - fused with thick, salty butter and crunchy toast was inspiration for pushing flavour boundaries with a combination of sweet yet salty with a variety of textures.

The “Wow” factor

Gardens By The Bay and the Cloud Forest inspired the structure and design of Anna and Janice’s dessert creation. From the world’s tallest indoor waterfall to the huge avatar-like Supertrees, the landmark oozes innovation.

Cultural influences

The FUTURE WORLD exhibition at ArtScience Museum was a must-see due to the evolutions and changes they plan to continue to make to the exhibition over the course of time! The four key narratives (Nature, Town, Park and Space) all led to helping curate the idea for the dish that Janice and Anna created: Passion-ate Possible!

Passion-Ate Singapore

Their collaborative dessert reflected Singapore on a plate. The tropical climate was shown through flavours such as pandan and coconut, while the architecture inspired the varied shapes and textures. The fairy floss with edible flowers was reminiscent of the “Cloud Forest” at Gardens by the Bay. Download Recipe

Sharing the dish with friends 6,300km away

In February, foodies from Australia and Singapore shared a virtual dinner. Cameras and screens bridged the distance between the two countries in real-time, and diners were transported to the Gardens by the Bay with a taste of the intricate 101-step dessert delivered by the two innovative chefs.

People dining at Singapore's hawker centre

Singapore's favourite hawker centres

Singapore’s iconic hawker centres serve up a variety of authentic fare along with hearty experiences.


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