With a plethora of different cuisines available within reach, travellers have dubbed Singapore a food paradise over the years.​​

Visit Singapore and you’ll find yourself munching on affordable MICHELIN-starred meals in hawker centres or trying unique dining experiences that come with a side of spectacular views.​​

The island is indeed bursting with flavours from every corner and who better to ask for recommendations than those who ply our roads for a living? Let’s take it from local taxi driver Uncle David as he recommends his favourite go-to dining spots while on night shifts.​

Indulge in authentic, local dim sum

Swee Choon Tim Sum restaurant is one of the oldest dim sum establishments on the island, having served dishes for over 50 years.

While dim sum (a wide range of small Chinese dishes) is typically a breakfast, the restaurant has become a popular haunt for supper amongst locals. Head to the restaurant after dark and you’ll find yourself dining with local families, groups of friends, and tourists.

A visit isn’t complete without trying their signature dishes. So, get your hands on their steamed salted egg custard bun or their crispy prawn & banana fritters.

Swee Choon Tim Sum restaurant (Jalan Besar). 183/185/187/189/191/193 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208882.
Opening hours (dinner): 6pm – 4am. Closed every Tuesday except public holidays.

Treat yourself to the largest variety of roti prata (South-Indian flatbread)

Besides dim sum roti prata is a go-to supper staple for Singaporeans.

The flatbread is typically dipped in curry or if you have a sweet tooth, do as the locals do and sprinkle some sugar on it. But beyond these usual customs, prata places around Singapore have made different variations of the dish.

Pad your tummy in the wee hours of the night at The Roti Prata House by choosing from their extensive menu. We’re talking about versions of the flatbread one might not be able to find elsewhere — ice cream prata for those craving a sweet treat or durian prata for the adventurous ones.

The Roti Prata House. 246 Upper Thomson Road, #246 M 246, Singapore 574370.
Operating hours: Sunday – Tuesday, 7am – 4am. Friday & Saturday, 7am – 2am.

Dig into comforting, old-school desserts

Locals can attest that dining at Ah Chew Desserts is always a nostalgic affair. However, the retro feels are just the cherry on top. This traditional dessert joint is popular after dinner with patrons seeking sweet and comforting childhood favourites served up like a local version of a nightcap.

Found in most Teochew households, the sweet and warm yam paste with gingko is a mandatory order when you visit. But you can also choose from a range of both hot and cold desserts.

From a bowl of durian mango sago with pomelo to their steamed egg, you might leave the establishment as a ‘dessert person’ if you weren’t one to start with.

Ah Chew Desserts. 1 Liang Seah Street, #01-10/11 Liang Seah Place, Singapore 189032.
Operating hours: Monday – Thursday, 12.30pm – 12am. Friday, 12.30pm – 1am. Saturday, 1.30pm – 1am. Sunday & Public Holidays, 1.30pm – 12am.

Think you know Singapore? Know it even better through its food. Get ready to satisfy your taste buds through diverse flavours when you visit Singapore.