Singapore is home to a wealth of watering holes that’ve upped the ante on providing entertaining activities for their patrons.

From retro arcade bars to watering holes with futuristic beer pong tables, here’re our recommendations for nightlife lovers looking to amp up the party vibes.

To indulge in darts and dancing—Hopheads Bar
A group of friends engaged in a foosball game

While its name may make you think that this bar only specialises in beer, you’ll be pleased to know that Hopheads Bar is also known for serving up great doses of fun.

This basement venue provides a variety of creative ways to enjoy a drink and make merry with electronic darts machines, pool, foosball and table tennis. We recommend visiting on Thursday nights, when you can get a 1-for-1 deal on shots, house mixes and bottles.

Hopheads Bar also hosts regular dance parties, ranging from retro Christmas parties to hip hop and R&B nights—be sure to check out their Facebook page before diving in to expand your social circle.

Haw Par Glass Tower. 178 Clemenceau Ave #B1-00, Singapore 239926. +65 6904 4019.
Mon-Thu 11.30am-midnight; Fri 11.30-2am; Sat 5pm-2am.

To party like it’s the 1980s—Level Up
Interior of the arcade-bar, Level Up

Take a step back into the golden era of video game arcades at Level Up. Located in Clarke Quay—one of Singapore’s most popular nightlife districts—this bar is decked out with arcade game cabinets, indoor basketball hoop machines and other old-school throwbacks. With live music and a livelier atmosphere, this is a great option for socialisers looking to immerse themselves in an unforgettable party.

Knock back a few shots and try to hit the high-score on video game classics like Metal Slug, or improve your hand-eye coordination while nabbing soft toys on their retro claw machine.

Level Up. 3A River Valley Road #02-04, Singapore 179020. +65 6266 2276.
Mon-Thu 5pm-2am; Fri & Sat 5pm-3am; Sun 4pm-1am.

To show off your accuracy—Pong Singapore
Inside of the sports-themed interior of PONG Singapore

While most of us associate beer pong with raucous college parties, the good folks at Pong Singapore sure take this traditional drinking game seriously.

Forget about plastic cups and makeshift tables, this bar employs state-of-the-art technology to automatically keep tab of scores and detect shots. There’s even a global leader board for those looking to become worldwide beer pong champions.

Since you’re stretching the limits of your accuracy while inebriated, you might as well indulge in a bout of friendly competition at the establishment’s darts machine.

The Foundry. 3B River Valley Road #01-17, Singapore 179021. +65 8808 7664.
Mon-Thu & Sun 5pm-2am; Fri & Sat 5pm-3am.

To enjoy live music and classic arcade games—Tipsy Penguin
A live music performance at the Tipsy Penguin

Adorable-sounding name aside, Tipsy Penguin is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. This sports bar is named after one of the most social animals in the world, and certainly delivers on its promise.

The establishment boasts a plethora of live sports screenings and a stellar line up of live music (we recommend visiting on Wednesdays, and listening to the enchanting harmonies of acoustic pop duo Juni and Joann). Get social with a group of four, and play a round or two of Super Bishi Bashi Champ—the iconic throwback arcade game from Konami.

Tipsy Penguin. 300 Tampines Ave 5 #01-02A, Singapore 529653. +65 8223 2983.
Mon-Thu & Sun noon-1am; Fri & Sat noon-2am.

To discover a range of drinking games—Club Castle

Looking for awesome nightlife on Singapore’s outskirts? Head over to Club Castle, in western Singapore.

This unpretentious watering hole specialises in drinking games and interesting cocktails for guests who like to challenge themselves to a range of activities and up the ante with alcohol.

Activities here include classic card games and party games like Jenga. The latter features a fiendish twist that prompts you to drink a stipulated amount of alcohol with each brick you remove. To avoid unnecessary hangovers, be sure to hydrate well before visiting!

Club Castle. 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718813. +65 9722 4018.
Daily 5pm-3am.

To sink a hole-in-one—Holey Moley Golf Club

While most sports bars are known for screening live sporting events, Holey Moley Golf Club is one of the few watering holes where guests can literally get in on the action by unleashing their inner Michelle Wie.

This mini golf course and bar turns traditional putting action on its head, with a charming range of themed courses, evoking TV favourites like Game of Thrones, silver screen classics like The Wizard of Oz and arcade games like Pac Man.

Don’t worry about having to bring your 9-iron as all equipment is provided by the establishment. Instead, you’ll probably want to keep your smart phones ready—there’re tons of photogenic spots here to snap a group selfie.

Holey Moley Golf Club. 3B River Valley Road, Singapore 179024. +65 800 492 2410.
Mon-Wed noon-1am; Thu & Fri noon-2am; Sat 10-2am; Sun 10am-10pm.