One of Singapore’s most beloved local dishes, roti prata is a South Indian flatbread that is crisp and flaky on the outside, but soft on the inside. Roti prata is made by flipping a mixture of dough and ghee (clarified butter) until it becomes a thin layer—that is fried thereafter. You can choose to eat it plain or add ingredients like mushrooms and eggs. Typically paired with a side of savoury curry, this humble dish is available around the clock, and works just as well for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper or even as a dessert.

Close up of a man pulling dough to make <i>roti prata</i>.

Prata is a simple yet versatile dish that can be customised to your own tastes. Ask for the menu at any prata shop and you’ll be met with a dizzying array of options to choose from. To help with your decision making, here are some of the more popular choices:

Plain or “kosong

Malay for “empty”, to order a prata kosong is simply to order a plain prata with no filling. Best enjoyed with a side of mutton or chicken curry, prata kosong lets you taste the original flavours of this local fried flatbread. You can also enjoy this with popular fillings such as egg, cheese, onions or mushrooms.  


Similar to an egg prata, but instead of an egg encased within the dough, the egg is served on top of the prata itself.


For fans of crispier textures, the coin prata is a smaller, thicker and flaky variation of plain prata, where the dough is twisted before being fried. Each order of coin prata comes in a set of 5-6, with a side of curry.

Prata bomb

This variant is a thicker and sweeter version of regular prata. Coiled for a softer and chewier bite, margarine and sugar are incorporated inside the coils to create an explosion of sweet and savoury flavours, while maintaining a crisp and browned exterior.

Tissue or paper

Super thin, crisp prata in the shape of a giant cone and with a caramelised skin, this is best eaten with your hands. Typically served as a sweet treat, you can even opt to drizzle chocolate or strawberry syrup on top. Just watching the prata flipped, cooked and topped with sinful condiments is a sight to behold.

Dessert prata

For those with a sweet-tooth, instead of a waffle with ice-cream, try the local version and swap your waffle out for prata! Or if you prefer something less cold, opt to stuff your prata with bananas, strawberries or chocolate spread instead and have it drizzled with syrup!


A prata that is stuffed with egg, onion and a meat of your choice. Common options are mutton or chicken, but some establishments also offer venison.

Enjoy the many variations of roti prata at these great places:

Springleaf Prata Place
Close up of Plaster Blaster <i>prata</i> from Springleaf Prata Place.

Try this establishment’s unusual inventions like chicken floss prata and their Plaster Blaster prata which loads an Eggs Benedict (poached egg with hollandaise sauce) and ham on top of a plain prata as the ultimate breakfast for champions. Don’t worry about sweating in the Singaporean heat, because this place is fully air-conditioned, with some outdoor seating.

Springleaf Prata Place. No.1 Thong Soon Ave, Singapore 787431. +65 6459 5670.
Daily 7am-midnight.

For other outlets, visit here

Casuarina Curry
Two plates of plain and egg <i>roti prata</i> with a side of curry.

An icon of Indian cuisine, you’re likely to hear Casuarina Curry mentioned in any discussion about prata. Started in 1992, Casuarina Curry is known for its light and crispy prata, and now has several locations across the island. They serve a wide variety of prata, local noodles and briyani (Indian spiced rice dish with meat or vegetables). Their original outlet is just off Upper Thomson Road and near Lower Peirce Reservoir and the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, from which you can access the Treetop Walk. Stop by Casuarina Curry to fuel up after your wildlife adventures—your calories burned will be well-rewarded with their signature Mushroom Cheese Prata!

Casuarina Curry. 136 Casuarina Road, Singapore 579526. +65 6455 9093.
Daily 7am-midnight.

Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant
Exterior of Zam Zam Restaurant building.

A famous halal restaurant that’s been around since 1908, Zam Zam is located on the corner of Arab Street. An unassuming restaurant that is a Mecca for Murtabak fanatics (an oversized omelette prata filled with egg, garlic, onion, spices and a minced meat of your choice), rumour has it that even regional royalty has eaten here. Be spoilt for your choice of meats when you dine here, as Zam Zam offers beef, chicken, mutton and even venison murtabak. Although the restaurant looks small from the bottom floor, take the flight of stairs up and be greeted by an entire air-conditioned floor with multiple dining rooms.

Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant. 697-699 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198675. +65 6298 6320.
Daily 7am-11pm.

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