From age-old medicinal traditions of multicultural origins to cutting-edge wellness therapies, Singapore is a haven for travellers looking to rejuvenate mind and body. 

Discover a world of health and wellness as you heal, detox, and revitalise, with our guide to modern and traditional therapies in the Lion City.

Modern Wellness

Absolute Zero Cryotherapy

A staple treatment for athletes and sports enthusiasts, full body cryotherapy is a great way to recover from a bracing workout. Absolute Zero Cryotherapy’s employs the use of freezing temperatures, which is said to boost your metabolic rate, improve skin elasticity and improve your athletic performance.

Core Collective

Whether you’re looking to participate in a group Pilates class, work those guns with a weightlifting session or indulge in a rejuvenating massage, Core Collective has it all. This one-stop fitness centre also boasts a range of novel and alternative health experiences like an infrared sauna, sound therapy and reiki sessions.

Palm Avenue Float Club

Palm Avenue Float Club

Escape the stress and excessive stimuli of modern day living and float your worries away at Palm Avenue Float Club. This novel form of therapy will have you floating suspended in a water-filled tank that blocks out noise and light, making it ideal for clearing your mind and engaging in a bout of meditation.


More than just regular mindfulness sessions, Space2B specialises in sound healing meditation. Practitioners focus on the sound of instruments like gongs, crystal bowls and bells to draw visitors into a deep state of relaxation.

The Stretch Clinic Singapore

Stiff from your last workout or sitting for long hours at your desk? Check out The Stretch Clinic Singapore to limber up. Besides traditional massages, the clinic specialises in physiotherapy and therapeutic stretching sessions to soothe your aches and pains.

Traditional Therapies

Om Vedic Heritage Centre

With roots that date back thousands of years, ayurveda is an ancient wellness system that encapsulates a range of practices, from herbal medicine to massage. Om Vedic Heritage Centre follows in this rich tradition, with yoga workshops, massages, skincare, and detox therapy.

Ayush Ayurvedic

From herbal steam baths to deep tissue massages that will knead away your aches and pains, a visit to Ayush Ayurvedic is bound to have you feeling in the pink of health. Treatments here include Shirodhara—a head massage treatment with warm oil— and Podikhizi, a massage that incorporates sachets of herbs.

Pulse TCM

Pulse TCM

Pulse TCM taps on the rich heritage of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to offer a range of alternative wellness treatments like acupuncture facials and foot massages. The wellness centre also offers a range of programmes like weight loss and sports performance enhancement.

Eu Yan Sang

Eu Yan Sang

A beloved local brand that’s been around for more than a century, Eu Yan Sang boasts a range of TCM and wellness products, from traditional remedies like bird’s nest beverages to ointments and herbal shampoos.

Yue Hwa

Your wellness journey doesn’t have to end when you leave Singapore—instead, bring health home in a bottle with the many products from Yue Hwa. You’ll find packaged herbs like cordyceps and ginseng, nourishing packets of soup, and balms for itches and rashes.