While jogging, cycling, and running may be tried-and-tested ways to work up a sweat with your loved ones, Singapore offers so much more in terms of fun and fitness for the family.

If you’re looking for unconventional ways to work out and bond with your family, this guide to unique activities is bound to be up your alley.

Shot of a family playing ball at BOUNCE Trampoline Park

The Fragment Room

Whether you’ve been feeling stressed out or just in need of a thrill, consider dropping by The Fragment Room.

Pick between a bat or a crowbar as you smash breakables like discarded appliances or old TV sets in a safe space. Protective gear like coveralls and helmets will be provided, so feel free to let loose and channel your inner Wreck-It-Ralph!

Splat Paint House

Splat Paint House

Work up a sweat, get your child to express their creativity and have fun hurling paint at Splat Paint House

Unlike regular painting sessions, a visit to this unconventional studio entails hurling rainbow-hued paint at canvases to create a unique work of art. Collaborate on your family’s very own abstract masterpiece and get a great workout to boot!

Axe Factor

Axe Factor

Put both your aim and mettle to the test with an adrenaline-pumping visit to Axe Factor. This thrilling activity will have you channelling your inner Viking, as you tally up the number of axes you can get on target — the perfect activity for a spot of family competition. Do note that participants will need to be at least 15 years old to play.

Wide interior shot of BOUNCE trampoline park

Bounce Singapore

Trampolines are the name of the game at Bounce Singapore, and your family is in for boundless fun at this high-flying destination. Perform aerial manoeuvres at the Free Jump area, indulge in a chaotic session of dodge ball with trampolines and channel your inner NBA star at the Slam Dunk Zone.


Hydro Dash

This floating obstacle course is your best bet if you’re looking to spend the afternoon soaking in the sun, sand, and surf with your loved ones. Climb, slip and slide over the inflatable obstacles in each of Hydro Dash’s four zones, and romp to your heart’s content.

Adventure HQ

Adrenaline and excitement await at Adventure HQ, home to 10 thrilling attractions spread across a 2,800 square-metre space. Your kids will feel like superheroes as they conquer the Sky Venture, Adventure Trail and Cloud Climb obstacles and plumb the depths of Fossil Labyrinth.

Forest Adventure

Forest Adventure

Do your best Tarzan impression as you swing over the Treetops at Forest Adventure, an obstacle course set amid lush greenery. Besides being home to a 300 metre-long zipline, this destination also boasts a Junior Course and Kids Course for teens and children to get in on the thrills and excitement.