Uncover one of Singapore’s most fascinating tales of heroism during World War II at Reflections at Bukit Chandu (RBC).

Housed in an bungalow that bears art deco influences and dates back to the 1930s, this interpretive centre pays tribute to the Malay Regiment, who engaged in a heroic last stand against the Japanese army at the Battle of Pasir Panjang.

First established in 2002, the centre was reopened in September 2021 with new artefacts, displays and exhibitions, giving visitors deeper insights into this tale of valour that continues to resound through the ages.

Bren Mk II light machine-gun with tripod

Photo by Reflections at Bukit Chandu

An ode to the brave

Bukit Chandu (Malay for Opium Hill) was the site of some of the fiercest fighting  during World War II, culminating in what was to become known as the Battle of Singapore.

The RBC bungalow stands just a stone’s throw away from Point 226, the military position where 1,400 men of the Malay Regiment made their last stand against the 13,000-strong Imperial Japanese Army on 14 February 1942.

Led by Lieutenant Adnan Saidi, men of the "C" Company of the 1st Malay Brigade held their ground despite being heavily outnumbered, and fought to their deaths.

In the aftermath of the battle, many of the regiment’s troopers were killed for refusing to remove their uniforms, embodying their regimental motto ‘Ta’at Setia’ (brave and true).

Lieutenant Adnan Saidi was posthumously recognised for his bravery by the British government and his heroic contingent were remembered for their sacrifices while defending Singapore.

History and heroism

As you explore Reflections of Bukit Chandu, you’ll find various insights into the lives of these brave soldiers, who fought for a home that had not yet been forged into a nation.

As you enter the centre, you’ll be greeted by a sculpture depicting a mortar crew of the Malay Regiment, a tribute to their bravery.

On the first floor of the interpretive centre, you’ll find Bukit Chandu:Battle Point 226 . Comprising three sections, this exhibition covering the origins and equipment of the Malay Regiment, their acts of heroism during the Battle of Pasir Panjang and their valour during the aftermath of the battle.

The exhibition houses various artefacts from that tumultuous era, including bullets from the battle, footage of Lieutanant Adnan during a ceremonial parade, and bullet casings which were recovered during an excavation in 2019.

The second floor of the interpretive centre houses galleries that tell the history of Bukit Chandu and its surroundings during the more peaceful period predating the war, including its history as an opium packing plant and the pineapple plantations that dotted the vicinity.

Into Battle

Photo by Reflections at Bukit Chandu

Access and admission

For smooth and contactless entry, visitors are encouraged to pre-book their admission tickets via the museum website or chatbot.

Admission is free for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents (please present your NRIC before entry).

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