Get your little ones perked up before the school term returns with these fun-filled, hands-on activities.

Peel your children’s eyes away from the TV this school holiday and take them out for some fun and laughter with the whole gang. Here are some activities that are sure to put your kids’ energy to good use, no matter where their interests lie.

For culture vultures

Some parents secretly hope that their children can be the quintessential modern-day renaissance men, and the best way to do so is to expose them to a variety of activities from a young age. And with the many art jam cafés found around Singapore, the whole family can now spend hours flexing their creative muscles. Arteastiq offers an art jam studio where everything, from canvases to paints to protective aprons, are given to participants—especially beneficial if there aren’t such things lying about in the house. Let your child paint to his or her heart’s content, then stop by the teahouse next door for a cup of specialty tea and snacks to cap off your arty day.

For animal lovers

Kids just wanna have fun

Horses are often depicted as dignified and gentle, with distinct personalities (or Horsenality)—making them ideal animals for human interaction. While owning a horse in Singapore may be quite virtually impossible, horse riding and equestrian sport activities are available for your family at the Bukit Timah Saddle Club. The public riding scheme introduced in 2012 means that lessons are available on a pay-as-you-go basis for those who are not ready to commit to buying a membership. First time riders can start with the Beginner’s Course, and children under 7 years of age can opt for pony rides for $10 a pop over the weekends.

For a more rustic adventure, the kampong-esque The Animal Resort is a good option for kids to muck around (Psst…parents, indulge in a little nostalgia in the meantime). The five-acre plot of land is home to a wide variety of farm animals, including goats, horses, chickens and geese—there are even some proud peacocks strutting about. A buck a pack will also buy feed you can use to tempt the many animals freely roaming about. Your child will be sure to squeal in delight. Just be careful around those hungry geese. Admission is free.

For intrepid explorers

Singapore Civil Defence Force

Many children aspire to be firefighters, so why not encourage their dreams—and revisit yours!—by checking out an actual fire station? Every Saturday, the Singapore Civil Defence Force will open up fire stations around Singapore for tours. There, kids will get a chance to be a fireman for a day. They can hop on a fire engine (don’t worry, it won’t be sent out on duty), operate equipment like spray guns, and, yes, even learn how to slide down the pole. The tour is free, and takes place from 9am to 11am. If you visit the Central Fire Station at Hill Street, there is a really cool Civil Defence Heritage Gallery next door (opens from 10am to 5pm, closed on Mondays) with vintage fire trucks and equipment, plus interactive games and activities on the second level.

Why limit yourself when the universe is your playground? The Singapore Science Centre Observatory holds stargazing sessions every Friday night, from 7:50pm to 10pm. With the aid of sophisticated telescopes, your aspiring astronomers can get closer to the heavenly bodies than ever before. Experts are always around to explain how these telescopes work, and help point out constellations and other celestial objects. Your kids will be able to learn the differences between a star and a planet, and even try to spot their Zodiac sign in the sky!


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