Historic architecture, cultural diversity, and cult-status eateries are accolades not commonly associated with Singapore’s Geylang district—which is frequently written off as the island’s infamous nightlife zone. But take a stroll through the meandering lanes and bustling back alleys of this unique enclave, and you’ll find a buzzing hub filled with colourful shophouses, mosques, temples, bars and more that put Geylang firmly on the must-visit tourist trail.

Sins & Salvation: A Geylang Food Walk by Betel Box Asia Pte Ltd
Tourist looking at exotic food ingredient in a jar along Geylang

With a rich history steeped in multicultural migration, the Geylang of today is a melting pot of ethnicities and religions. And unlike the rest of the island, it remains largely untouched by urban redevelopment; if you’re looking for a slice of old-school authentic Singapore charm, you’ll likely find it here. And we say it’s high time to delve into this unique neighbourhood through a series of brilliant immersive local tours.

During the four-hour Betel Box Sins & Salvation: A Geylang Food Walk, a loquacious guide will not only shed light on the area’s diverse history, new migrant communities, religions and after-hours activities, but will also encourage you to eat your way around the district. Highlighting the juxtaposition that defines Geylang, you’ll find yourself passing massage parlours one moment, and beautiful temples the next.

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Kampung Geylang Serai Uncovered by Betel Box Asia Pte Ltd
Provision shop at Kampung Geylang Serai

Meanwhile, the Betel Box Kampung Geylang Serai Uncovered tour takes you straight to the heart of one of Singapore’s oldest Malay enclaves. Discover the past and present of the neighbourhood as you make your way from Geylang Serai Market & Food Centre to Joo Chiat Road.

Sample traditional street food while experiencing the culture, trades and crafts of Singapore’s Malay community.

Look out for the bird-singing corner, where elders with prized birds in cages compete to see which feathered friend is the most tuneful. Talk about going off the beaten path!

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Beguiling Geylang by Wok ‘n’ Stroll
Close-up shot of an opened durian

Also famed for its durian shops, a trip to Geylang wouldn’t be complete without a taste of the pungent king of fruit itself—an experience that Karni Tomer of Wok ‘n’ Stroll claims to be the “ultimate foodie courage test”. Try it for yourself during her Beguiling Geylang food tour through authentic hawker centres and illuminated night markets.

This three-hour night crawl will expose you to other local delicacies including dim sum (bite-sized portions of food served in steamer baskets or small plates), turtle soup, black herbal tea, and more. Brace yourself, and your tastebuds!

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Secrets of the Red Lantern™: A Chinatown & Geylang Night Tour by Journeys Pte Ltd

Hectic by day and night, it’s also a must-visit for those keen to explore a totally unique side to the city. Uncover the neighbourhood’s interesting past, and multi-faceted present with the Secrets of the Red Lantern™ night tour. You’ll take in the buzz of Chinatown–famed for its back alley opium and gambling dens in the 19th century—before a jaunt around Geylang. It’s an eye-opening experience brimming with tales of vice and tragedy; not for the faint of heart, nor the kids!

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