This historical neighbourhood started out as a settlement for Chinese immigrants in the 19th century. Today, Chinatown has transformed into an eclectic and colourful maze of medicinal halls, heritage shops, souvenir stores and street food stalls alongside hip restaurants and bars. Highlights of the area include spectacular sights of beautifully decorated Hindu temples, mosques and Chinese temples located next to each other, and delicious local food at its numerous hawker centres. For those visiting this Grand Prix Season Singapore (GPSS), don’t miss out on special deals and promotions available at these pit stops.

All venues are near to the MRT stations and bus stops
1. Chinatown Visitor Centre

Stop by the ##1## for everything you need to know about this historic enclave, be it walking tours, food samplings, events and festivals. You can also pick up a fun fact or two about this vibrant neighbourhood.

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2. Betel Box Chinatown

Chow down on popular Singaporean Chinese traditional and street foods while on the Chinatown Food Walk by 2 Betel Box Tours. Learn how food is sourced, selected and prepared. Find out the associated beliefs and meanings behind the dishes. Discover how this neighbourhood has evolved and kept up with the lifestyles of the Chinese diaspora in Singapore. In addition, find out more about Singapore’s land-use planning and socialised housing programmes. 

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3. Nanyang Old Coffee

For those who love a cuppa, sign up for 3 Nanyang Old Coffee’s Singapore Traditional Coffee Appreciation Workshop on 12 September for an insight into the local coffee culture. Held in a conservation building in Chinatown, it offers the opportunity to taste the unique brew of traditional Singapore coffee, discover the history behind the country’s favourite beverage and decipher the local idiosyncratic lingo to ordering coffee. Learn more about the workshop here.

4. Peranakan Tile Gallery

Feast your eyes on rare and colourful tiles salvaged from old Singapore shophouses in the 70s and 80s, at the 4 Peranakan Tile Gallery. Once a popular decorative feature in affluent Peranakan (Straits-born people of Chinese and Malay/Indonesian heritage) homes in the late 20th and early 21st century, these exquisite tiles have now become collectors’ items as the techniques and raw materials used to produce them are no longer available. Learn more about the Peranakan culture and heritage here.

GPSS exclusive: From 8 to 17 September, the first 250 race ticket holders to visit the Peranakan Tile Gallery will receive a tile magnet and coaster each, plus an additional 10% off every purchase.

5. Singapore Musical Box Museum

Trace the historical journey of musical boxes in Southeast Asia and Singapore’s fascinating role at the heart of it at the 5 Singapore Musical Box Museum. Featuring a wide variety of antique musical boxes from Switzerland, Germany and the United States which date back to the 19th and 20th century, you will not only get to appreciate the intricate design of the boxes but also learn the fascinating history of automated music. 

GPSS exclusive: From 8 to 17 September, race ticket and GPSS event guide holders enjoy a S$2 discount off standard ticketing prices and receive free postcards. Click here to find out more. 

6. Orchid Chopsticks

Need to pick up souvenirs for family and friends? Swing by 6 Orchid Chopsticks for a one-of-a-kind gift. The boutique carries a large selection of chopsticks in quirky designs that also come with an equally arresting chopstick rest. Take your pick from designs inspired by Chinese traditional watercolours, or opt for something more unusual, such as chopsticks resembling colour pencils. Shop for these chopsticks here.

GPSS exclusive: From 1 to 30 September, race ticket and GPSS event guide holders enjoy 10% off with a minimum spend of $100. 

7. Abba’s Department

If you need a stylish new outfit to rock at an after-party, head to 7 Abba’s Department for tailor-made suits. Choose from a range of designs, such as a dapper single- or double-breasted jacket, or be inspired by Oriental fashion by customising a Mandarin collar suit. For those who don’t have time to spare, garments like Chinese silk robes are also available off-the-rack. Make an entrance with a customised party outfit here.

GPSS exclusive: From 1 to 30 September, race ticket holders enjoy a package of suit, shirt and tie at only S$450 (U.P. S$850), Chinese robes from S$10 and tailor-made shirts from S$80. 

8. Le Binchotan

East meets West at French-inspired Izakaya joint 8 Le Binchotan. Grab delicious tapas that combine Japanese ingredients with French culinary styles, such as the crumbled foie gras with daikon, shiitake and dashi Gelée. Don’t forget to order a refreshing cocktail to pair with these yummy plates! Book a table here

GPSS exclusive: From 8 to 17 September, race ticket holders can enjoy 10% off total bill. 

9. Chinatown Heritage Centre

Located within three refurbished shophouses along Pagoda Street, the 9 Chinatown Heritage Centre offers a peek into the lives of Chinatown’s pioneers with a recreation of living spaces that were commonplace in the 1950s. Here’s your chance to walk in the shoes of these early immigrants through inspiring stories of their trials and tribulations. Find out more here.

Race ticket and GPSS guide holders can enjoy the following GPSS exclusive deals:

1. Admission and a guided tour of the Chinatown Heritage Centre at $15 (U.P. $20).

2. Chinatown Heritage Centre and Singapore River Cruise experience at $35 (U.P. $40) for adults and $26 (with a free gift) for children. 

3. Chinatown Heritage Centre and Trishaw experience at $59 (U.P. $64) for adults and $50 (with a free gift) for children.

4. Chinatown Heritage Centre, Singapore River Cruise and Trishaw experience at $79 (U.P. $89) for adults and $60 (U.P. $65) for children.