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    About Made With Passion

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About Made With Passion


Discover Singapore's Made With Passion Brands

Our Local Brands

Introducing Our Lifestyle Brands

What is Made With Passion

Passion. One word. Seven letters. A million facets.

Singapore is a country made possible by passion. A place where the diverse aspirations and vibrant energy of the people turn possibilities into realities.

Made With Passion celebrates lifestyle brands that make up the rich tapestry of Singapore. No matter the brand – passion is what fuels them on their journey.

Together, our local lifestyle brands put forth different expressions of passion that make Singapore the colourful and dynamic melting pot that it is. Whether it’s a love for experimentation, a commitment to tradition, or a drive to innovation – passion is what unites these local brands.

Why Made With Passion

Passion is the very cornerstone of the Singapore story and the same can be said about our many local lifestyle brands. They showcase how passion can be expressed through many facets such as determination, ambition, resourcefulness and optimism.

Made With Passion serves to celebrate, as well as encourage, local brands to follow, grow, and live their passions.

The brand mark can be found on selected Singaporean brands’ products, packaging and stores, as a symbol of passion — a mark of recognition that celebrates their fervour and dedication.

Made with Passion Partners

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Made With Passion is a national initiative jointly led by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG).


For more information, please contact STB at or ESG at