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  • Old Seng Choong


Old Seng Choong


Old Seng Choong has confectionery for every occasion with its new renditions of classic recipes.


Founded by renowned local pastry chef Daniel Tay, Old Seng Choong offers traditional bakes and cakes for every joyous occasion. Named after the well-loved Seng Choong Confectionery (which was run by his parents for over 30 years), this brand pays homage to his father, the baker who sparked Daniel’s own culinary ambitions. Today, Old Seng Choong thrives on selling festive treats and nostalgic snacks, such as pandan chiffon cakes and cookies, but with a fun twist through local flavours like “Katong Breakfast” and “Laksa”.

Dig into the passion of Old Seng Choong here


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