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  • Mr Bean

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Mr Bean


Enjoy traditional fresh soybean milk and beancurd from Mr Bean - The leading soybean food and beverages retailer that is loved by Singaporeans of all ages.


From one single hawker store in 1995 and just two products, soya milk and beancurd, to today’s soybean empire of over 70 chain stores and over 40 products, Mr Bean is a true Singapore success story. It began with a machine which allowed the brand to provide fresh soya milk and beancurd to customers all day, which was unique at the time as soy milk was made in factories and could only be kept for half a day after being delivered to hawker stores. Bold expansion with outlets in train stations and malls swiftly followed. Now a household name, Mr Bean continues to innovate with products like soy granola bars made from the by-product of producing soy milk, soy milk pouches and dairy-free ice cream.