If you’d like to begin your vacation the moment you step on board the plane, you should consider flying Singapore Airlines.

SQ girl making the bed in the suite

First formed in 1972, Singapore’s flag carrier airline is best known for its multiple travel accolades and impeccable service standards, embodied in its kebaya (traditional nonya dress)-clad flight attendants (famously known as the Singapore Girl).

Plate of seared fish fillet on a bed of vegetables

Stellar service is just one of a host of reasons that makes Singapore Airlines a world-class travel brand. The airline is also famous for luxurious flight experiences across cabin classes, with state-of-the-art entertainment options, spacious cabins and a commitment to making flying a personal experience. The airlines’ international culinary panel—which comprises eight chefs from all around the globe—are constantly whipping up new dishes to delight the taste buds of passengers onboard.

Singapore Airlines’ globally acclaimed standards have won the organisation multiple awards, ranging from a place on Time Magazine’s list of 50 Genius Companies 2018 to World’s Best Airline at Skytrax’s World Airline Awards 2018.

Together with its budget carrier arm, Scoot, Singapore Airlines operates a fleet of more than 180 aircrafts, with a combined passenger network that spans more than 135 destinations. Which means that no matter where you are across the globe, you’re never far from the Lion City.