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Explore Nature

Nurture a Love for Nature 

One of life’s greatest pleasures is taking the time to stop, and smell the roses. With community vegetable patches sprouting up across the island, and leisure home gardening on the rise, busy urban dwellers are bringing the outdoors in, and rediscovering their love for nature.

Whether you’re looking to grow your own food, or pursue your passion of growing plants, our city presents ample opportunities to delve into your love for nature. 

As the saying goes, you reap what you sow—There’s no better time than now to let your passions bloom and grow. 

Rediscovering your passions shouldn’t have to come at any risk to yourself or your loved ones. Before embarking on adventures around the island, be sure to keep yourself updated on the latest Safe Management Measures.

Nurture your love for nature at Orchard Road

Singapore may be well known as a bustling cosmopolitan city, but it is also teeming with lush parks and nature reserves.

 One of the best places to explore Mother Nature and nurture a greater passion for your plant parenting is the Singapore Botanic Gardens.  Located mere steps away from Orchard Road, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to stunning tropical flora, a sprawling rainforest and over 1,000 orchids, including our national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim.

If you’re hankering for a delicious and sustainable meal, Nature serves up its finest at the nearby Open Farm Community. Dig into vegetable-centric dishes that emphasize the flavour of plants, and feature harvested produce from the restaurant’s on-site garden.

Next, embark on an interactive farm tour at Edible Garden City. As an advocate for the farm-to-table movement in Singapore, this is a great place to interact with local farmers and be educated on sustainable farming practices. Learn how to propagate plant cuttings and grow edible microgreens such as snap peas at home.

Unleash your inner plant-parent and shop for a wide selection of potted beauties at Far East Flora’s massive nursery in Queensway. Meet fellow plant enthusiasts while you’re there and connect over your shared passion for gardening.

Make your own natural body scrub

Unearth the healing power of herbs and understand how they are used in natural home remedies. Then try concocting your very own apothecary creations like essential oils and body scrubs in an intimate workshop by The Plant Story

Design and build a terrarium

Get in touch with your crafty side at The Green Capsule and have fun creating your own mini garden in a jar. The slow-growing terrarium succulents and mosses are low maintenance and require little space, perfect for busy urbanites.

Learn the basics of hydroponic gardening

Using sunlight and a soil-less approach, be equipped with the fundamental skills to grow your very own leafy vegetables. Take home a basic hydroponics kit from The Living Centre and treat it as a cool science project to engage your kids.

Whip up farm-to-table dishes

Get a taste of the plant-centric lifestyle and explore Bollywood Farms’ traditional farm in the rustic Kranji countryside. Then in true farm-to-table fashion, learn how to prepare a tasty three-course meal with your foraged ingredients before feasting on the fruits of your labour. 

Pick up fundamental floristry skills

Allow your creativity to flourish during a two-day intensive workshop conducted by Botany Studio. You’ll be introduced to colour theory, floristry tools, and different techniques to arrange fresh blooms in a vase or bouquet.