Singapore is a city of many names—Temasek, Singapura, the Lion City. But travellers rediscovering our shores or visiting them for the first time will also find that Singapore is a City in Nature.

As you travel around our bustling metropolis, you’ll find green sanctuaries nestled beneath the shadow of high-rises, buzzing ecosystems teeming with myriad flora and fauna, and urban farms that will have you reimagining the future of agriculture.

Let your love for nature blossom as you discover our city’s oases of sustainability on this three-day itinerary.

Day 1
A couple at Funan Urban Farm by Edible Garden City

Spend your first day in Singapore discovering the heart of the city on foot, as you admire the heritage and architecture of the Civic District.

Begin your exploration at Funan Urban Farm by Edible Garden City, which boasts a multitude of crops nurtured amid the hustle and bustle of the city centre. This charming space will give you a peek into the future of Singaporean agriculture, and our nation’s vision of sustainably growing local produce.

When you’re done exploring this 5,000 square foot space, embark on a walking tour through Fort Canning Park, with the veteran guides from Journeys. Discover the storied past of this fascinating site, and be sure to linger in the park’s Spice Garden to learn more about the herbs and spices that thrive in our tropical landscape.

Spend the late afternoon with a stroll along Marina Barrage. Located in the heart of the city and built at the confluence of five rivers, Singapore’s fifteenth reservoir is both a key water source and a bustling lifestyle destination. This green, open space is popular with kite-flyers and families looking to enjoy a picnic at sunset.

In the evening, take a stroll along the river towards Gardens by the Bay. This idyllic haunt for nature lovers is home to a variety of surreal sights—from the mist-filled Cloud Forest to the exotic blossoms of the Flower Dome.

Besides being a gorgeous attraction, the gardens have been built with a variety of sustainable principles in mind. According to Ted Chen—a clean energy expert and local business maven— the domes are “powered by a biomass power plant, using wood waste collected across Singapore.”

The garden’s Supertrees are no less impressive in terms of sustainable design— decked out in photovoltaic cells to harness solar power— while its cooled conservatories engineered to consume less energy than conventional cooling systems.

Day 2
Chefs plating dish at Labyrinth

Take a trip to the Lion City’s outskirts for your second day of discovery, as you discover our city’s rich ecosystems and the fruits of our labours in urban farming.

“Singapore has taken a ‘whole of society’ approach to environmental sustainability, with many new eco-initiatives, from ecosystem protection to recycling and sustainable food production,” explains Bjorn Low, the visionary co-founder behind local farm and social enterprise Edible Garden City. “We have over 1,700 community gardens in Singapore run by local residents , and you’re invited to share in the bountiful harvest!”

For lunch, pay a visit to Labyrinth, a Michelin-starred restaurant that champions produce proudly farmed in Singapore. Mushrooms from Kin Yan Agrotech Farm, vegetables from Edible Garden City and squid from Jurong Fishery are just some of the local produce used to create the restaurant’s inspired dishes.

Your next stop— The Southern Ridges—is a swathe of greenery, spanning the hills and parks along the southern side of Singapore.

While you’re unlikely to be able to explore all that this space to offer in a single day, we suggest birdwatching in the poetically-named Singing Forest or a hike from Mount Faber Hill Park to Labrador Nature Reserve.

From the Southern Ridges, make your way to City Sprouts to learn more about the urban farming scene that’s been blossoming all across Singapore.

Besides 36 greenhouses filled with a variety of crops and vegetables, you’ll also find guided tours, workshops and educational events that will deepen your knowledge of sustainability and agriculture.

Spend your evening raising a glass or three to nature at Analogue Initiative. Grab a Carob cocktail at the restaurant’s bar—made out of sustainable materials like recycled plastic and mushrooms—while indulging in a plant-based menu of delicious eats like Celeriac Ratatouille.

Day 3
A group of people and a tour guide on the Let’s Go Kelong Tour

Spend your third day in Singapore into the waters around our tropical paradise, with an adventure off the coast.

The Let’s Go Kelong Tour will take you on a fascinating foray aboard a catamaran, as you discover islands off the coast and learn about our nation’s nautical history. Discover the kelongs (traditional offshore platform used for fishing and fish farming) along our island’s north-eastern coast, and dive into the intricacies of sustainable fish farming in Singapore.

If you’d rather explore on your own time, the sanctuary of Pulau Ubin is an iconic destination for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts alike. Hop on a bumboat at Changi Point Ferry Terminal, and spend the day exploring the island’s myriad habitats—from seagrass lagoons to coastal forests and rocky beaches.

For dinner, head to The Summer House, nestled on the idyllic compound of Seletar Aerospace Park. The French Dining Room, located on the second floor, is a farm-to-table restaurant with dishes made from local produce. Dig into the pan-seared sea bass to taste the freshness of locally farmed fish, or savour the Spelt Risotto, made with mushrooms from Kin Yan Agrotech’s Mushroom Farm.

Alternatively, indulge in delectable seafood at Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong, as you dig into dishes made with fish, mussels and other fresh seafood from the titular fish farm. Enjoy a feast of curry mussels, roasted prawn and pan-fried seabass.